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  • n. The lunar New Year as celebrated in Vietnam.

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  • n. Vietnamese New Year celebration, occurring during the first seven days of the first month of the lunar calendar.

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  • n. Same as tit.

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  • n. the New Year in Vietnam; observed for three days after the first full moon after January 20th


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Vietnamese tết.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From the Vietnamese word Tết.


  • But also on the security front, this report is going to sound -- does sound a warning about the possibility of what they call a Tet offensive before this September report by General Petraeus.

    CNN Transcript Aug 23, 2007

  • Then they told us they won in Tet, and in one way, they were right.

    The Wars of John McCain

  • We went to book our bus tickets on to Hanoi, and found out that the busses stopped running sooner than we had expected, allowing us only 24 hours in Hoi An. Bummer, but travelling in Vietnam during Tet is like trying to get around Latin America during Semana Santa.

    Hoi An and Hanoi « Wanderings

  • And while the top 40 stuff has sorta been used to death (thanks to Kanye and Cam'ron), I think Four Tet is really up to something here.

    Music (For Robots): April 2005 Archives

  • In addition, back in January the North Vietnamese had launched what was called the Tet Offensive, a time when they struck—all at once—most of the major cities in South Vietnam, wreaked vast destruction and killed many thousands, both Asian and American.

    Noble Norfleet

  • The April 12 attack was "Tet" - like in impact in a country where every day is like "Tet" proving war there is unwinnable to everyone but Bush hard-liners yet to come around as well as being blind to see nowhere and no one in Iraq is safe.

    "Worthy and Unworthy Victims"

  • In it, Admiral McCain, proposing a series of attacks near Hanoi, wrote, “I envisage, as in Tet, that our forces will again inflict serious casualties on the enemy … If we can couple these losses with a resumption of a bombing campaign that will have a heavy military and psychological impact on the heartland, plus Arc Light [a B-52 bombing campaign] and ground follow-up raids into his Laotian/Cambodian sanctuaries, I believe we would be well along the road to winning the war militarily and the stage would be set for a favorable political settlement.”

    The Wars of John McCain

  • "A half a dozen RPG rounds from 800 meters away—that isn't Tet; that's harassment," he said, referring to the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War.

    Security Forces End Kabul Siege

  • What he discovered was two divisions of NVA preparing to join the fight, in what became known as the Tet Offensive, against American positions.


  • McCain Says "Tet" - Like Offensive Could Make Americans Favor Iraq War

    McCain Says "Tet"-Like Offensive Could Make Americans Favor Iraq War


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