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  • proper n. A female given name.


English form of Amabel, from Latin amabilis ("lovable"). (Wiktionary)


  • “You remember a white woman by the name of Mabel Poche?”

    Dave Robicheaux Ebook Boxed Set

  • When Molly went inside City Hall to use the restroom, he said, “Ever hear of a woman by the name of Mabel Poche?”

    Dave Robicheaux Ebook Boxed Set

  • Bertie says it is vulgar and is engaged to Miss P. so hes not one to speak and I call her Mabel now.

    The Complete Stories

  • She reacted only when he mentioned the phone calls Mabel and perhaps her father had received from her mother.

    One False Move

  • The plays that fill the Canadian theatres are not the literary plays-but plays such as "Up in Mabel's Room," or "Getting Gertie's Garter."

    Canadian Letters and the New Canadian

  • When Joan's mother Regina found out Joan might be a Lesbian, she called Mabel late that night and threatened to kill herself if it were true.


  • (ever notice the word "themselves", how if you split it just right when you're saying it out loud, can sound an AWFUL lot like ... thems ... elves? you can add the word Mabel after if you like, to make it sound more authentic.)

    ink, and more ink

  • Mabel, which is more than five decades old, is the second-largest cookie maker in Latin America, according to its Web site.

    PepsiCo to Buy Brazilian Cookie Maker

  • Written, directed, and starring Mabel Normand, the silent picture is called Mabel's Blunder.

    Women-Made Films Mostly Ignored by the National Film Registry. Why?

  • Daisy called Mabel to tell her that Terence was missing, and Mabel came right here to find me.

    George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt


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