from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A Native American people formerly inhabiting parts of coastal Maine and New Brunswick along the Bay of Fundy, with present-day descendants in eastern Maine. The Passamaquoddy helped form the Abenaki confederacy in the mid-18th century.
  • n. A member of this people.
  • n. The Algonquian language of the Passamaquoddy, dialectally related to Malecite.

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  • proper n. an Algonquian people of Maine (U.S.) and New Brunswick (Canada).
  • proper n. the Passamaquoddy language belongs to the Eastern Algonquian group of the large Algic language family. There are about 1,500 speakers remaining in Maine and New Brunswick. It is mutually intelligible with neighboring Maliseet.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Of Micmac origin.


  • I could not ferry the boat east, where I had thought to pick it up and sail in Passamaquoddy Bay and over to Digby, in Nova Scotia, and back to Saint John and up the enchanted river.


  • Even the subset known as Passamaquoddy have two, for a few thousand members.

    What's in a name?

  • Passamaquoddy, which is part of the Bay of Fundy, and this point, too, of so little inclination that it is a palpable perversion of language to call it _an angle_, much more a northwest angle.

    A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents Volume 3, part 2: Martin Van Buren

  • Passamaquoddy, meaning 'the place of the pollocks'"(Doctor Kohl, _Dis. of Maine_, p. 234)" This derivation is doubtful.

    Fishing Grounds of the Gulf of Maine

  • My Passamaquoddy ancesters used to run the deer down on snowshoes (not that I can, I got the arthritis these days) and cut the bucks throat with a flint knife.

    NRA Pushes PA Crossbows

  • Quoddy Don't write in — Gloria Steinem is my hero too, and I bet she would appreciate that Quoddy is named in part after Maine's Passamaquoddy tribe, where Harry Smith Shorey began making moccasins by hand in 1909.

    Coolhunter: Quoddy

  • But I only have a few hours, so the two are leading me to Minister's Island, a 500-acre tidal island which was first inhabited 2,500 years ago by the Passamaquoddy people, then by a Minister for whom the island is named, and finally by railroad baron Sir William Van Horne, who built an 80-room summer cottage and model farm.

    Margie Goldsmith: Mountain Biking in Kilts in New Brunswick, Canada

  • In the centuries before Molly Ockett's birth around 1740, the Abenaki, an eastern Algonquian tribe, maintained their historic homeland over an area stretching from the Iroquoian tribal lands in southern Québec to the northern Massachusetts border and from the Passamaquoddy territory in eastern Maine to the shore of Lake Champlain in western Vermont.

    History of American Women

  • All the action takes place outside of Passamaquoddy a real town in Maine.

    The Legend of Merle McQuoddy (Pushing Daisies 2.9) | The Disney Blog

  • They were traveling with Indian guides, and named a large island Grand Manan, after the Algonquian word for island.65 They came to Passamaquoddy Bay, entered a broad estuary and followed it upstream to a beautiful place where three rivers came together in the shape of a crucifix, and just below, a handsome wooded island of about five acres which they called “Isle Sainte-Croix,” Holy Cross Island.

    Champlain's Dream


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