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  • proper n. An English and American surname.

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  • n. One who produces the rain. [Nonce-word.]


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Variant of Rayner, a patronymic surname from a medieval given name from Proto-Germanic *ragina (“counsel by the gods”) + Old High German hari ("army"). Also borrowed from modern German.


  • Even so, Rainer is encouraged by the roughly 15% who, he says, appear to be “deeply committed” Christians in study, prayer, worship and action.

    Three-Fourths of Millennial’s Say They Are ‘More Spiritual Than Religious’ | Impact Lab

  • Although I can only take her movies in small doses (a little of that “chin down, eyes up” expression goes a long way), the fact that Miss Rainer is still around and feisty as ever at the age of 96 makes me admire her even more.

    The Meteor of MGM :

  • I am a snob on one issue, though: Kyle Rainer is not the real Green Lantern!

    Reading Snobbery, Part 2

  • Now, shall I call Rainer and tell him you were here?

    In a Strange City

  • From the opening of the Sixth Letter in Rainer Maria Rilke's LETTERS TO A YOUNG POET:

    Breakfast in Bed

  • In a slightly different vein, Pete Wentz has a dog named Hemingway, and this dog is named Rainer, which isn’t a celeb as far as I can tell, but I really wanted to link to the amazing picture because that dog has a beard.

    What celebrity would you name your pet after? |

  • He chose the one to his right, and reached, at its foot, a long gallery such as Rainer had described.

    The Triumph Of Night 1916

  • Connotations: Little: the actual name Rainey is a derivative of "Rainer,"


  • Around this time he produced his first portraits, such as Rainer Dying (pencil, 1949; Vienna, Helmut Weis priv. col., see 1984 exh. cat., p. 10).


  • But the thought never stayed long enough in Cardinal Ralph’s tired mind to call Rainer himself, though he had wondered about it off and on since before leaving Rome.

    The Thorn Birds


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