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  • adj. comparative form of plain: more plain


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  • They tend to be written in plainer, more idiomatic language, and their lack of rhyme and meter only makes them seem more direct, less concerned with artificial devices.


  • Could it be the non-teleological prism at work, in plainer sight for all to see?

    2007 June - Telic Thoughts

  • As one Marine recently told me in plainer terms, "After you kick the door in, you've got to know what to say."

    Letters to the Editor

  • I could not say the word plainer but I asked him whether he meant that sin.

    He Knew He Was Right

  • We do not know, either, whether our guest has co-ordinated his philosophy with that of the Minister of Finance, to ensure that the upcoming budget will provide the kind of austerity which history has shown people don't want, but which (if it doesn't go too far) always results in plainer diets, less disease and better general health for most people.

    Social Security in Canada—the Challenge Ahead

  • ‘Reasons of State’ were against them; in plainer language, his government would have gone on the rocks, carrying with it all his plans for the newly formed German Reich.

    The Jewish Problem in America

  • You could hardly have it in plainer terms than that.

    The Road to Wigan Pier

  • He then asked me in plainer terms if I had no opinion to offer to him, to which I replied that I had; and then went on to inform him that this Charles H. Judd, whom he was now to bring into favor by public office, and by placing him nearer to his person, had worked against him, and had opposed his nomination to the throne of the sovereigns of the Hawaiian Islands.

    Hawaii's Story, by Hawaii's Queen

  • The next few paragraphs get a bit technical (and are intended for statisticians and others who more than the rest of us about how Kalman Filters work -- feel free to skip to the paragraph that starts "in plainer English" below): Our Kalman Filter smooths the polling results by considering (1) how big the sample size is for each poll, weighting polls with fewer responses less heavily and (2) how likely the Kalman Filter "thinks" a race is likely to jump around.

    Upgrading Pollster's Trend Lines: The Kalman Filter

  • (And, just to repeat the implication in plainer text, men can be highly-strung too, but we’re not talking about them in this post.)

    Trying to explain highly-strung Asian women — Fusion Despatches


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