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  • noun In chem., the symbol for antimony (in Latin stibium).
  • noun In astronomy, an abbreviation of (Schönfeld's) Southern Bonn Durchmusterung (see Durchmusterung). Usage is divided between this abbreviation and S. D. M. (which see).

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  • noun chemistry Symbol for antimony.

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  • noun a bachelor's degree in science
  • noun a metallic element having four allotropic forms; used in a wide variety of alloys; found in stibnite


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[From Latin stibium; see stibnite.]

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Latin stibium.


  • Most plastics except those containing chlorine in the polymer backbone (eg, PVC, CPVC, etc) are flammable and require addition of flame retardants such as P, Br, Sb etc in the polymer synthesis or as a solid additiove.

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  • Thos added as solid inevitably leach-out and are PoP and endrocine disruptors, and some generate dioxins or furans at low temperature combustion (P and Sb based retardents do not).

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  • Its chemical symbol, Sb, is derived from the Latin word stibium, which was the name of the most common antimony mineral, stibnite.


  • Prov (Sb (ru1 ¦ unZ (x1) ¦ Z (xn))), by: ˜the formula with Gödel number r is provable if the Gödel number for the xi th numeral is substituted in place of the i th variable,™ neither the formal statement within the theory P nor anything we prove about it appeals to such meanings.

    Kurt Gödel

  • Relations needed are, among others, those which assert of a natural number that it codes a sequence, or a formula, or an axiom, or that it is the code, denoted by Sb (ru1 ¦ unZ (x1) ¦ Z (xn)), of a formula obtained from a formula with code r by substituting for its free variable ui the xi th numeral for i = 1,

    Kurt Gödel

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  • Leibniz would say that in such a case some state of Smith's body prior to Sb.was the real cause of Sb.and Sm was not a causal factor in the obtaining of Sb. So although substances do not causally interact, their states accommodate one another as if there were causal interaction among substances.

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