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  • n. A Native American people comprising three divisions, specifically:
  • n. A group inhabiting parts of Idaho, northern Utah, eastern Oregon, and western Montana, now mostly in southeast Idaho. Also called Northern Shoshone, Snake1.
  • n. A group inhabiting the Great Basin area of Idaho, Utah, and Nevada south to Death Valley, California, now mostly in Nevada. Also called Western Shoshone.
  • n. A group inhabiting the Wind River valley of western Wyoming. Also called Eastern Shoshone, Wind River Shoshone.
  • n. A member of this people or any of its divisions.
  • n. Any of the languages of the Shoshone people.

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  • proper n. An Amerind ethnic group of North America, especially of Wyoming and Idaho.
  • proper n. The Uto-Aztecan language spoken by the Shoshone people.
  • proper n. The Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming.
  • n. A member of this people.

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  • n. a member of the North American Indian people (related to the Aztecs) of the southwestern United States
  • n. the language spoken by the Shoshone (belonging to the Uto-Aztecan family)


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Probably from an Eastern Shoshone band name.


  • By CAROLE CLOUDWALKER Staff writer A Colorado man camping with his family at Big Game Campground in Shoshone Forest was attacked by an emaciated male mountain lion on Sunday evening, July 12.

    This should probably be under message board but here is a mountain lion attack which is rather unusual in several respects even

  • Then he chased after the ambulance on the slick highway, pulling into the LDS Church parking lot in Shoshone 20 minutes after the ambulance did.

    Archive 2004-05-01

  • You had to ask for it by name and it wasn't listed on their table; but, if you knew it was there and I got word from a little birdie to ask for the "Shoshone" - which apparently caused the fine folks pouring beer much amusement they would pour a wonderfully sour and refreshing dark Flanders Red.

    Great Taste In Review

  • “They were called Sheepeaters for the obvious reason that wild sheep were the mainstay of their diet, but they were more commonly known as the Shoshone Indians.”

    Ride the Thunder

  • Here an aide informed the President that the Ute, of which the Shoshone were a segment, had indeed fought the Arapaho for a century, and it was true that the Arapaho did eat dogs.


  • I soon found it more tiresome riding without tirrups than walking and of course chose the latter making the Indian carry my pack. about sunset we reached the upper part of the level valley of the Cove which now called Shoshone

    The Journals of Lewis and Clark, 1804-1806

  • The name of Idaho was spuriously ascribed to the Shoshone language, meaning, it was claimed, the sun comes from the mountains.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Focusing on the emblematic moments of the participants 'lives, the story unfolds through the perspectives of four competing voices-from the troubled and mercurial figure of Meriwether Lewis, the expedition leader who found that it was impossible to enter paradise without having it crumble around him, to Sacagawea, the Shoshone girl - captive and interpreter for the expedition, whose short life mirrored the disruptive times in which she lived.

    I Should Be Extremely Happy in Your Company by Brian Hall: Book summary

  • The event closest to the present day was the last of the Indian Wars was when Shoshone Mike and his band of starving rebels were penned up in a box canyon and exterminated for killing four white men.

    Bush Administration v. Environmental Groups

  • A man in Cody, Wyo., used a chainsaw to defend himself from a mountain lion that attacked him while he was camping in the Shoshone National Forest.

    Man Fights Lion With Chain Saw


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