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  • adj. Psychology Influenced by or resulting from the emotions.
  • adj. Psychology Concerned with or arousing feelings or emotions; emotional.

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  • adj. Relating to, resulting from, or influenced by the emotions.
  • adj. Emotional; emotionally charged.

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  • adj. Tending to affect; affecting.
  • adj. Pertaining to or exciting emotion; affectional; emotional.

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  • Affecting or exciting emotion; suited to affect.
  • Pertaining to the affections; emotional.
  • In psychology, relating to, characterized by, or consisting of affection: as, the affective side of the mental life; affective experience.
  • A mental complex of which affection is characteristic or in which it is dominant.

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  • adj. characterized by emotion


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From Medieval Latin affectivus, from Latin affectus, past participle of afficere ("to affect")


  • Because representations attack it at what we call the affective phase and cause a resulting experience, a disturbance, to which disturbance is joined the image of threatened evil: this amounts to an affection and Reason seeks to extinguish it, to ban it as destructive to the well-being of the Soul which by the mere absence of such a condition is immune, the one possible cause of affection not being present.

    The Six Enneads.

  • Even Orbuch was surprised to find that men need what she calls affective affirmations - compliments, reassurances and other positive feedback - from their spouses more than women do from their husbands.

  • I shouldnt be nodding my head in affective agreement with Tara on gender, Fred on Personal Profile Blogging and Internet StockBlog on Google vs Yahoo.

    Zillow my Pillow. Sleep gets Funding.

  • He recognizes, of course, that affective is involved at some level either wayââ?

    The Starry Heavens Above and the Moral Law Within (the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex)

  • He recognizes, of course, that affective is involved at some level either way — psychopath will not see any particular point to saving the five either — but in the cases where people give the classic deontological response, it seems like unreconstructed affect.

    The Starry Heavens Above and the Moral Law Within (the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex)

  • But Pender was a proponent of what was known as the affective interview, so he made sure to add an extra dollop of warmth to his voice as he returned the grin.

    The Girls He Adored

  • The idea is called affective computing in academic circles, and if it catches on, computer interactions could be very different.

    Daily Dispatch: Gmail adds Priority Inbox; EmotionML adds emotion to the computing experience

  • I had always felt that his inability to respond to crisis, as seen in his response to 9/11 and Katrina and Israel's bombing of Lebanon, was because he suffered from something called affective flooding, where overwhelming anxiety paralyzes any ability to think or even function.

    Justin Frank: Examining Bush in August

  • He stresses that this is true of so-called affective disorders just as it is true of so-called schizophrenia.

    On sound and fury

  • A good education often depends on things that have to do with what is called the affective domain ... one's feelings.

    Let's Look At The Starting Place: Your Child's Classroom


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  • See usage note at affect.

    June 28, 2011

  • Excellent way to confuse clients that you work with... who says "affective?" A 25 cent word. It'll get you by, but be prepared - irritated professors will ask you to define it or distinguish it from mood and emotions. Then they'll put you on the spot for the different between flat and blunt affect. That is even better during rounds. And think, some of us are still just trying to keep affect (v.) from effect (n.).

    June 28, 2008