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  • noun The process of bringing an institution or organization up to date; modernization.

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  • noun A bringing up to date, especially of the Roman Catholic Church by the Second Vatican Council of 1962-65; modernization.


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Italian, from aggiornare, to update : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + giorno, day (from Latin diurnus, daily; see diurnal).

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Borrowed from Italian aggiornamento.


  • The event is then presented, rightly, with its connection to "aggiornamento," but it is passed through the filter of Chenu and of the "pastoral focus," but here again with further recourse to this theologian, and the mention of the disagreement with his "approach to research" on the part of the late Mons.

    A Timely Re-Read on a Critique of a Particular, and Popular, Hermeneutic of Vatican II

  • There was, in short, an "aggiornamento," and this term explains the event well, with the combination of "nova et vetera," of fidelity and openness, as demonstrated moreover by the texts approved at the Council - all the texts.

    A Timely Re-Read on a Critique of a Particular, and Popular, Hermeneutic of Vatican II

  • It is commonly thought that it was abandoned in the 'aggiornamento', the updating begun by the

    Orangeville Citizen

  • Therefore, an "aggiornamento" of liberalism is imperative.

    Mises Dailies

  • The call for aggiornamento by the Pope thus assumed the character of a search for a fortification of the faith in order to render the Mission of the Church more effective and able to respond to these challenges convincingly.

    Archbishop Ranjith's Foreword to "True Development of the Liturgy"

  • In What Happened at Vatican II, O'Malley acknowledges three dominant themes of the council — aggiornamento, ressourcement, and development of doctrine — but, in his telling, the latter two are always in the service of the first, with aggiornamento bearing a convenient resemblance to the dominant habits of thought in the Society of Jesus as embodied in institutions “in the Jesuit tradition” such as Georgetown University.

    Jesuit: Obama is "the most effective spokesperson" for "the spirit of Vatican II"

  • Italiano · Moldova: aggiornamento sull'impatto di Twitter nelle proteste post-elettorali

    Global Voices in English » Moldova: More on Twitter’s Impact on the Protests

  • Hey! n70 della 3 2005 challenge infos president singapore aggiornamento graduatorie permanenti DEFECT FREE LEAD SMT SOLDERING produttore chimico cloro converter free mp3 trial wma pellicola negativa io non capisco gente piacciono crauti tecnocasa milano bovisa anna maria chiavacci

    Midterm Roundup

  • But now, in the days of aggiornamento worst crime possible remains unpunished as a rule, not only in Malaysia.

    Outrage in Malaysia

  • The other motive now so confused with the primitivist one, even in the mind of any one of the reformers aggiornamento: bringing up to date: that has its own grave dangers, as has been apparent throughout history.

    Tolkien being awkward at Mass


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  • I thought they just runned on water.

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  • Dom Prolagon: I just copied the definition from my "Word Nerd" book, so I'm not particularly invested in it. Frankly, it sounds like something they might dream up as a mission statement at a fancy offsite meeting for cardinals.

    April 15, 2008

  • Well, it simply means update in Italian!

    (I wanted to kid on this definition, but religion is a hot topic, so I won't)

    April 15, 2008

  • the process of making the life, doctrine, and worship of the Catholic Church effective in the modern world

    April 14, 2008