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  • adjective Directed against the production, distribution, and use of illegal drugs.

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  • adjective Against drugs; advocating against drug use.


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anti- +‎ drug.


  • Last week, the president created the Corps of Federal Support Forces, an army unit specializing in antidrug efforts.

    Is Calderon winning or losing this war?

  • Here is something different - 3 ads from america that are 'antidrug'

    T.V. : ADs - Drugs X3

  • Here is something different - 3 ads from america that are 'antidrug'

    Archive 2008-09-14

  • Once concentrated in Colombia, a close U.S. ally in combating drugs, the cocaine business is migrating to nations such as Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia, where populist leaders are either ambivalent about cooperating with U.S. antidrug efforts or openly hostile to them.

    Cocaine: The New Front Lines

  • In South America, the balloon effect has coincided with another phenomenon: The rise of a generation of populist leaders who view U.S. antidrug efforts as a version of the "Yankee imperialism" they disdain.

    Cocaine: The New Front Lines

  • An antidrug aid program, largely funded by the U.S. and aimed at bolstering Colombia's security and civil institutions, helped begin a transformation of the nation starting in the late 1990s.

    Business, Labor Spar Over Colombia Free-Trade Deal

  • "Controls on the police which were exercised by the DEA have disappeared," said Rene Justiniano, a former antidrug czar turned opposition leader.

    Smuggling Scandal Shakes Bolivia

  • Others say that his ambivalence toward antidrug enforcement has generated a level of corruption that is now out of control.

    Cocaine: The New Front Lines

  • Felipe Caceres, Bolivia's top antidrug official said Tuesday Mr. Sanabria's security unit "was riddled" with corruption.

    Smuggling Scandal Shakes Bolivia

  • Police internal-affairs units set up under U.S. tutelage were dismantled following Mr. Sanabria's appointment to head the antidrug police in 2007, a Bolivian law enforcement officer said.

    Smuggling Scandal Shakes Bolivia


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