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  • n. Water.
  • n. An aqueous solution.
  • n. A light bluish green to light greenish blue.

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  • n. The compound water.
  • n. A shade of colour, usually a mix of green and blue similar to the colour turquoise.
  • adj. Of a greenish-blue colour.

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  • n. Water; -- a word much used in pharmacy and the old chemistry, in various signification, determined by the word or words annexed.

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  • n. Water: a word much used in medical prescriptions written in Latin, and in pharmacy generally, also in old chemistry, to denote a solution, or menstruum of water.
  • n. In anatomy, some watery fluid or humor.
  • n. A carminative cordial prepared from oil of pimento (allspice): also called spiritus pimentœ. Dunglison.
  • n. In pharmacy, a solution of an essential oil or gas in water, a solution of any other substance being termed liquor. In the British pharmacopœia, only a solution of an essential oil is called aqua, that of a gas being called liquor.

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  • n. a shade of blue tinged with green


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from Latin.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin aqua, from Proto-Indo-European *akʷā-, whence also Old English ēa, ǽ ("river"). More at ea.


  • One volume of water will dissolve seven hundred times its bulk of this gas, and is then known as aqua ammonia, in contradistinction to anhydrous ammonia, the latter designating term meaning without water, while the term aqua is the Latin word for water.

    Scientific American Supplement No. 819, September 12, 1891

  • His experiments in distillation led to the discovery of what he termed aqua vitæ, or usually quinta essentia, and commended as a panacea for all disease.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 8: Infamy-Lapparent

  • Some hotels organize special events where children can do arts and crafts while parents can participate in aqua aerobics.

    Beyond spring break: Cancun has something for everyone

  • Marks and Spencer have a nice double stipe shirt in aqua/grey, which would look good with a plain tie.

    What shirt to wear with an olive green suit? « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog

  • As a product of the chemical laboratory, purple of Cassius, like Prussian blue, inspired interest and continued exploration. reference Yellow obtained from silver may have been one complementary technique; instructions that call for a solution of silver in aqua fortis, also precipitated in water, appear in a number of manuscripts and were published in several eighteenth-century chemical and general treatises. 10 reference

    The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe

  • I'm a little worried about that kind of floods - I think locals call it "aqua alta"? did someone get married in Venice during winter ... how was the weather?

    Getting Married In Venice

  • Here were satins that gleamed like falling water; one, of the faint, moonlight tint that we call aqua-marine, another with a rosy glow like a reflected sunset.

    Three Margarets

  • We also need water to survive, let us not forget, and so vital is it that the Latin word aqua is an abbreviation of a phrase that’s something like what we need to draw from in order to live In 1999 on the islands of Japan Masaru Emoto published extraordinary research making the case that “water is a mirror reflecting our mind.”


  • The only things that I don't like are related to the interface design, for example the round beveled look of the ruler and tools section is very outdated now, a boring all-grey mix of alien spaceship ( "aqua" - style) or early iTunes versions ( "metal" - style).

    MacUpdate - Mac OS X

  • LUI: The so-called aqua pods may be better for fish and the environment than coastal shallow water fish farms.

    CNN Transcript May 16, 2009


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