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  • adjective Relating to tissue components that stain readily with basic dyes.

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  • Same as basophil.

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  • adjective Describing biological tissue that stains readily with basic dyes

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  • adjective staining readily with basic dyes


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  • Thus, hematoxylin is termed a basophilic stain (i.e., reactive with groups that "love" base = acids), whereas eosin is acidophilic (i.e., reactive with groups that "love" acid = bases).

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  • Two short years later the microsomes, basophilic components of the cell ground substance, had settled in one of my test tubes, still a structureless jelly, but now captive in our hands.

    Albert Claude - Nobel Lecture

  • Excessive variability in myofiber size was evident with a pattern of degeneration (multifocal groups of necrotic fibers with variable phagocytosis) and regeneration (multifocal groups of small calibre fibers with a basophilic appearance and of histochemical type 2C).

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  • This causes damage to collagen and elastin, loss of smooth muscle cells and increased amounts of basophilic ground substance in the medial (elastic) layer of the aorta.

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  • "The aim of this study was to examine whether POMx modulates inflammatory reactions using human basophilic cell line KU812."

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  • Plasma cells - ovoid cells with eccentric nucleus and intensely basophilic, "cartwheel or spokeswheel appearance of nucleus"

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  • A regenerative crypt comprised of tightly compacted and occasionally multi-layered large epithelial cells with a highly basophilic cytoplasm and large nuclei.

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  • Neutrophils / Polymorphonuclears 55 to 65 \% of the total count Nucleus consists of 3 to 5 sausage masses of chromatin Granules contain lyzosomal enzymes which has anti-bacterial activity First line of defense against infection - Eosinophils 1 to 3 \% Nucleus is usually bilobed and its cytoplasm contains coarse acidophilic granules Increase in parasitic and allergic infections - Basophils 0.5 to 1 \% Nucleus may assume a S, U or J shaped and its cytoplasm contains larger basophilic granules with histamine and heparin.

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  • Finally, consistent with the results of our rescue experiments described above, cytomorphological abnormalities, such as large nuclei and the basophilic cytoplasms of immature erythrocytes, were found also to be restored by both ΔTR-zTERT and WT-zTERT expression in the morphant embryos (

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