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  • n. A ball, presumed to have been bowled accidentally, that does not bounce, but passes the batsman at head height.
  • n. A device that can project an image through a lens onto a screen with light from a DVD player, television or video recorder.
  • n. A BMW.

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  • n. In weaving, a person whose business it is to put warps on the beam.
  • n. Same as beaming-machine.


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beam +‎ -er


  • It was as if the beamer were a vacuum, suck-ing up ever more delirious dancers from the depths below.

    Mission to Moulokin

  • The beamer will be a permanent loan to the c-base, located in their workshop room - therefore used for hundreds of lectures and workshops around free software.

    Planet Ubuntu

  • Did the presentation I had to do on Wed ( "Overview of Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks"), which went pretty well - despite the laptop not talking to the beamer (ack, using Dutch term for projector - despite the fact that the Dutch word for projector is something similar, they use the term "beamer" when they're talking in English ... very confusing).

    January 30th, 2004

  • "It may have carried some kind of beamer that activated your automatic pilot," said Mr. Swift.

    Tom Swift Jr And His Giant Robot

  • · the blocks of a "beamer" document are now included in the "structure view".

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • There are two large rooms that can be used for social gatherings equipped with a TV and a beamer and screen, plus a dining room and a well-furnished kitchen next to the swimming pool.

    Lextalionis IX The Queen's Gambit

  • Place an interactive whiteboard in the classroom (or a beamer and a screen) and presto the students can easily share their work and what is relevant to them.

    C is for Coursebook (by Lindsay Clandfield) « An A-Z of ELT

  • The masses have all sold out for a four bed detached house and a beamer on the drive, everybody ` s too frightened to say or do anything, for fear of losing the aforementioned lifestyle, and ending up on a sink estate, (thats whats Jeremy Kyle and Trish are there for, Your worst nightmare!)

    ACPO blames front-line cops for doing their job SHOCK! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • As entertaining as it is educational, Daddy grabs you from the get-go with its description of Adam Tyler, a charismatic architect, who zooms into our lives in his tomato-red beamer, fresh from three months in the Amazon where he built both a hospital for the poor and his smooth caramel chest.

    One Sexy Daddy (link roundup)

  • This video by the same user suggests that it's a projector beamer:

    ENVISION : Step into the sensory box on Vimeo


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  • German for projector.

    October 17, 2009

  • Cricket jargon - A ball bowled directly at the batsman's head without bouncing. The effect is similar to a baseball pitch at a batter's helmet.

    November 30, 2007