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  • adj. Biotically diverse; having a high degree of biodiversity


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bio- +‎ diverse


  • Here she is milking a cow in the summer of 1943 on the farm in Canada where my Scottish grandpa grew a variety of crops and raised cows, pigs, goats, chickens and who knows what else -- you know, the kind of biodiverse, small family farm we sustainable ag advocates are always going on about.

    Kerry Trueman: Got Mom?

  • I'm now settling into a long term project looking at the Coral Triangle -- the most biodiverse marine ecosystem on the planet.

    James Morgan: Welcome to the Coral Triangle

  • Are monoculture fish farms using sustainable practices enough, or just another form of monoculture crop that doesn't leverage biodiversity to restore healthy biodiverse living systems?

    Mark Hyman, MD: Wild Fish? Farmed Fish? What Should We Eat?

  • And it's a cleaner, quieter, safer, more biodiverse way of doing things too.

    Stern's Rebuke

  • While humans have a long way to go towards living sustainably on this planet, millions of species – each with nearly 4 billion years of field testing – contain technological ideas to help us succeed in our all-important quest to become a sustainable species on a biodiverse planet.

    duh pookie

  • The animals were discovered in a biodiverse region that is threatened by habitat loss, deforestation, climate change and overdevelopment, the WWF said in a report.

    208 New Species Discovered In Threatened Region Of Southeast Asia

  • Relying on a shallow gene pool puts our food system on unsteady legs--diseases and pests spread like wildfire across monoculture fields, but are kept in check in a biologically diverse often shortened to "biodiverse" field or region.

    Maria Rodale: Where Have All the Apples Gone?

  • I only wish that more educational policy makers would get their heads out of their data and wake up and smell the coffee---coffee that originated, of course, in the rainforest...the most biodiverse ecosystem on this planet.

    Philosophical proof: Why testing obsession is nutty

  • Adopting these recommendations will help ensure a healthy, biodiverse Gulf of Mexico and strong, vibrant Gulf Coast communities for generations to come.

    Dennis Takahashi-Kelso: A Resolution for Gulf Restoration: An Open Letter to President Obama and the Five Gulf State Governors

  • The 265,000-acre Pico Bonito, meanwhile, is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, encompassing a variety of microclimates, from tropical lowlands to cloud forests.

    A Rio Runs Through It


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