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  • n. A type of biofilter designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff, consisting of a swaled drainage course with gently sloped sides and filled with vegetation, compost and/or riprap.


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bio- +‎ swale


  • The pitch may be its centrepiece, but the plan for the Valley Park Go Green Cricket Field project also includes an amphitheatre, butterfly garden, public gardens, a system that will divert rainwater from the school's roof to be used for irrigation, a bioswale (a landscape feature that traps pollutants) and much more green space covered by a generous tree canopy, all occupying three hectares (7.5 acres) of land

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  • The building features bioswale and rain garden systems, low-flow water fixtures, bike racks and a green roof.

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  • Village Creek head waters that will include invasive plant removal, wetland enhancement, and bioswale construction.

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  • Before it did the work, TriMet had to obtain numerous permits to replace the ditch with a larger and more sophisticated bioswale, according to Jeff Goodling, TriMet construction project manager.

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  • As for specifics, she didn't offer much aside from suggesting the southern site "could be more of a bioswale that picks up water off the street and draings it," since the neighborhood has a recurring problem with rainwater flowing downhill and deadending in what Kiest called "an area of wonderfully flat, bad existing drainage."

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  • Divided by a bioswale running down from the new parking lot between one trial intended for pedestrians and another for motorized carts, the map of the project left boardmembers confused about how the trails would be configured. stories

  • On arrival groupings of deciduous trees and shrubs, planted in the bioswale, and a dry-laid stonewall, evocative of the character of agrarian Chester County, will help shield the entrance drive and parking area from the house.

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  • KMA was one of the first companies in Irvine to voluntarily install an eco-friendly bioswale system in its parking lot to remove silt and pollution from surface water runoff.


  • Port Orford's bioswale was funded by the same Ford Family Foundation grant that funded the bioswale in Gold Beach, and another up the road in Langlois.

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  • The county built this as a demonstration project to show how a bioswale, or a rain garden, catches and holds the water until it drains naturally into the soil.

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  • Consider the throughput travail

    Designing a new bioswale.

    Input the terrain

    And volume of rain

    And hear the weary BIOS wail.

    October 12, 2016

  • "There were roads and weeds—the city's landscaping was taking root at a remote nursery—and swells of clayish soil that made bioswales of the central park."

    In Utopia by J.C. Hallman, p 225

    October 6, 2010