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  • n. A cutoff of electrical power, especially as a result of a shortage, a mechanical failure, or overuse by consumers.
  • n. The concealment or extinguishment of lights that might be visible to enemy aircraft during an air raid.
  • n. The sudden extinguishment of all stage lights in a theater to indicate the passage of time or to mark the end of an act or scene.
  • n. A short, comic vaudeville skit that ends with lights off.
  • n. A temporary loss of memory or consciousness.
  • n. A suppression, as of news, by censorship.
  • n. Restriction or prohibition of telecasting a sports event in order to ensure ticket sales.

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  • n. Temporary loss of consciousness or memory.
  • n. A large-scale power failure, and resulting loss of electricity to consumers.
  • n. The mandatory blocking of all light emanating from buildings as imposed during World War II.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. a suspension of radio or tv broadcasting.
  • n. any darkness resulting from the extinction of lights.
  • n. the failure of electric power for a general region sufficient to extinguish all normal lighting.
  • n. a momentary loss of consciousness.
  • n. partial or total loss of memory.
  • n. a period during which artificial lighting is forbidden, as in a city as a precaution against an air raid.
  • n. the darkening of all stage lights, as at then end of a performance or between acts.
  • n. suppression of information distribution.
  • n. the prohibition of the broadcasting of a sports event, such as a boxing match or football game, sometimes confined to one particular area. It is usually done to encourage sales of tickets to the event.
  • intransitive v. to experience a temporary loss of consciousness, memory, or vision.
  • transitive v. to cause to become black, such as a stage, a computer screen, or a city.
  • transitive v. to impose a blackout on (news or a sports event).
  • transitive v. to make (a written text) illegible by applying a black ink over it; to blot out.
  • transitive v. to suppress (a memory).

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. a momentary loss of consciousness
  • n. the failure of electric power for a general region
  • n. a suspension of radio or tv broadcasting
  • n. partial or total loss of memory
  • n. darkness resulting from the extinction of lights (as in a city invisible to enemy aircraft)
  • v. darken completely
  • v. lose consciousness due to a sudden trauma, for example
  • v. obliterate or extinguish
  • v. suppress by censorship as for political reasons


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