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  • n. A blue-coated variety of the Australian Cattle Dog breed.
  • n. A police officer; (in plural) the police.


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  • WORD: blue heeler

    A breed of Australian cattle dog. Also called a Queensland blue heeler.
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    EXAMPLE SENTENCE: ' A second later, though, he realized that the animal sniffing around his cabin wasn't a coon, it was a low-slung little dog. It was Shorty, a Queensland blue heeler, the sixth in a ragged and uncertain line of descent from the first Shorty--the first blue heeler that Duane had owned. Shorty, who had been Duane's constant companion for nearly ten years, not only had offspring all over Thalia; he had offspring all over the oil patch as well.
    ' Shorty the Sixth, as he was sometimes called, had been a very winning puppy, and they had kept him at home until he had begun to exhibit the same tendencies that Duane's blue heelers always exhibited, that is, a tendency to herd children in the same way they would have herded cattle or sheep: they nipped their heels. '
    --- 1999. Larry McMurtry. Duane's Depressed. Book One, Chapter 12 (Page 81).

    January 3, 2014

  • Australian cattle dog.

    October 5, 2008