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  • n. A materialistic person who affects an anti-materialistic persona.

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  • n. A species of mullet, Joturus pilchardi, found in the mountain torrents of the larger islands of the West Indies. It is characterized by the simple stomach and the coarse truncate incisors.


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Shortening of bourgeois bohemian.


  • i believe he has: bobo, bobo¹, bobo², and bobo³. which each one means, i don't know. for his

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  • So -- and -- and here I have a book with a-- a neologism bobo, which is bourgeois Bohemian.

    Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There

  • Mr. BROOKS: Well, as I say, the bobo is a reconciling ethos between left-wing bourgeo -- or left-wing bohemian, right-wing bourgeois.

    Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There

  • It didn't help that the children were a little befuddled by the break in routine, and wanted to know who I was, and why am I here, and where are their teachers, and can I look at this "bobo", and will I be staying for the rest of the day, and on and on.

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  • Jeta means mouth/lips or "bobo" (dopey person), but I don't what the connection between jeta and sleep is.


  • Hell, he employed one "bobo" who drew a check just for waking him up every morning.

  • Now I have but one word regarding your reply to 'bobo' ...


  • i bet the sale of "bobo" toys went up after this aired! - Articles related to Animal cruelty laws need more bite

  • 'bobo' and was going to post about them until I read what you wrote.


  • Apparently the puking was the reaction of the body rejecting the "bobo" because to the body it is a "foreign body" and will reject it and eventually the immune system will be suppressed an is less effective and well this explains my cold:)

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  • The so genannten fisch.

    March 10, 2011