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  • n. A foolish or empty-headed person: "He presents antiwar protesters . . . as bubbleheads who didn't even know where Southeast Asia was” ( Frank Rich).

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  • n. A stupid person.
  • n. A submariner; bubble-head.
  • n. A navy hardhat or salvage diver, inspired by the shape of the old, spun copper diving helmet.


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bubble +‎ -head


  • Fashionistas of course are already worshiping at the altar of “Marie Antoinette,” with its title bubblehead and hollow charms, while Forest Whitaker devotees are savoring the outré venality of Idi Amin in the rather too enthusiastically entertaining “Last King of Scotland.”

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • As a way of hiding this so-called bubblehead effect, new pretties were kept apart from people in other stages of life.

    Bogus to Bubbly

  • I specifically stated "bubblehead" was the appellation given Eisenhower by reporters waiting for a pres conference.

    Quote Of The Day

  • What you feel when you meet her in person is, she does seem like a much more substantial person than this kind of bubblehead, or what she calls a cartoon character, that she plays on "The Simple Life," and I think kind of has fostered over the years in the media.

    CNN Transcript Jun 27, 2007

  • Afterward Fridson searched around to see if anyone had made it into print before him with the same use of "bubblehead," as in a person who "erroneously characterizes a fundamentally justified price gain as a bubble." News

  • All this petty arguing gives me a headache. nope, another commenter on another site is "bubblehead" by name Guest_3584: who is bubblehead, referred to below??

    Idaho Falls Today! Local Information.

  • Pelosi is a radical left wing bubblehead that knows that she will never see a re-election.

    Pelosi: 'Strong support' for public option in House

  • Basically, how often do you turn into a paranoid bubblehead who can't function properly in a bog-standard everyday setting because you're so wound up about your appearance, how you're perceived, and go to pieces every time someone younger and hunkier walks into the room?

    Save me from these silly school run myths | Barbara Ellen

  • When it comes to fighting Reds, Donovan was a “bubblehead,” one of the columnists told the agents.

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • She's a narcissistic bubblehead with precious little to say of any consequence.

    Palin: Don't trust media reports about book


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