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  • n. Gymnastic exercises designed to develop muscular tone and promote physical well-being: Sit-ups, trunk twists, and other calisthenics are demonstrated on the videotape.
  • n. The practice or art of such exercises: Calisthenics is recommended to relax the muscles before a run.

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  • n. plural Gymnastic exercises, especially morning exercises, done to keep one's body healthy.
  • n. singular A system of such exercises.

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  • n. The science, art, or practice of healthful exercise of the body and limbs, to promote strength, gracefulness, and general fitness; light gymnastics.

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  • n. the practice of calisthenic exercises
  • n. light exercises designed to promote general fitness


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From Greek kalli-, beautiful (from kallos, beauty) + sthenos, strength; see segh- in Indo-European roots.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Ancient Greek κάλλος (kallos, "beauty") + σθένος (sthenos, "strength").


  • As freshmen we hadn’t actually attended them, but the main feature of the night was called calisthenics, and it was some cheesy aerobics routine.

    Copy Cat

  • He was so clumsy he couldn't even do the side-straddle-hop in calisthenics.

    Heroes or Villains?

  • We come now to what I may call the calisthenics of the business, exercises which may be roughly compared to the technical exercises necessary in learning to play a musical instrument.

    Mental Efficiency And Other Hints to Men and Women

  • I heard Horton ask how many participants have his P90X program, and a good many hands went up among the hundred or so runners stretching and limbering up, doing what we used to call calisthenics before fitness became a multibillion-dollar industry

    Politics Daily

  • I do calisthenics, which is basically using your own body weight, like you do in yoga, to strengthen your core.

    Hindustan Times News Feeds 'Views'

  • They were not allowed to learn dancing; they had no outdoor games at all, not even croquet -- nothing whatever to exhilarate them and develop them physically except an hour's "deportment," the very mildest kind of calisthenics, in the big class-room once a fortnight, and the daily making of their little beds.

    The Beth Book Being a Study of the Life of Elizabeth Caldwell Maclure, a Woman of Genius

  • Body weight drills such as calisthenics and plyometrics keep your nervous system sharp.


  • I am a big proponent on implementing training methods such as calisthenics, plyometrics, and various other body resisted movements.


  • Each morning they woke up at 5:30 a.m., went for a 45-minute run, followed by stretching and calisthenics, he said.

    Length of Libya's Standoff Hinges on Leader's Militia

  • It's not calisthenics, aerobics, exercise or a workout.

    Kelly Moore: How To Avoid Getting Hurt In A Yoga Class


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  • According to Wikipedia, it comes from the Greek words kalos, 'beautiful' and sthénos, 'strength'.

    December 26, 2007