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  • n. A French brandy made from apples.

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  • n. An apple brandy made in Normandy, France.
  • n. A glass of this spirit.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French, after Calvados, a department of northwest France.

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From the department of Calvados


  • But there was something about the word "calvados" that "sounds romantic whether you know what it is or ever intend to taste it," he said.

    The summer sun distilled

  • It is akin to giving a bottle of fine calvados to a substitute third grade homeroom teacher, A more despicable act of self-flaggelation cannot be imagined.


  • I think whisky works best with dried fruit – rum is slightly too sweet for me, and cheaper brandy anyone who cooks with a fine calvados or Armagnac won't be getting a Christmas gift from me doesn't have enough character.

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  • If I remember rightly, from my early days in France running a bar restaurant, a 'canard' can be a lump of sugar which you dip into your coffee, or calvados, and then pop into your mouth - which makes you go 'mmmmmmm'.

    canard - French Word-A-Day

  • Now, .. that will soak up some whisky or calvados (apple brandy) beer and wine yuk yuk or maybe even goat P.

    Test Your Reaction Time

  • Let's face up to it straight away: the French have made a fairly hefty contribution to the world of booze, and it will be a wrench to say adieu to champagne, calvados, claret, chablis, cognac and other drinks that begin with C.

    OK, if the French play up, the croissant gets it | Alex Clark

  • Julia Child adds cinnamon to her apples, and Jamie Oliver suggests vanilla and calvados.

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  • Look for Christian Drouin or Lecompte, whose 12-year-old calvados is warm with wood and vanilla but still tastes unmistakably of apples.

    Eating Well in Historic Rouen

  • But take that Norman cider, distill it and let it soften in barrels and you've got calvados, a majestic brandy.

    Eating Well in Historic Rouen

  • The drink begins its life as calvados - the apple brandy from Normandy - to which fresh apple juice is added.

    Molly Laas: Drink -- Don't Eat -- Fall's Apples


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