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  • n. Plural form of carbonate.


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  • About 3.6 billion years ago, blobs of minerals called carbonates were forming inside tiny cracks in the rock, spreading like hard-water deposits in pipes.

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  • Next to it come the so-called carbonates: first, sodium carbonate, which is already familiar to us as washing soda; and second, sodium bicarbonate, which is an ingredient of baking powders.

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  • The vast pool is contained in the so-called carbonates, which are limestone rocks that contain crude, but which have so far resisted efforts at commercial production.

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  • The "carbonates" created can be used in making a variety of products, such as glass, resins and building materials.

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  • His initial research had shown that the meteorites contained carbonates, which are minerals formed only in the presence of the liquid water needed for life.

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  • The Svalbard expedition has also played a role in the Mars meteorite debate because Steele and Treiman found carbonates with magnetites in them around an ancient volcano there.

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  • The idea that the carbonates were formed in a Martian cauldron is not heard much today.

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  • That finding faced the same hurdles as the finding of magnetites did: no confirmation of liquid water on or near the surface of Mars and the contention that the carbonates were formed in a superhot environment, where no life could possibly exist.

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  • Studies of their microbial descendants, known as cyanobacteria, suggest that these peculiar rocks slowly formed when mats of micro-organisms trapped sediments and precipitated carbonates.


  • The secret is using magnesium oxides instead of calcium carbonates, the main ingredient in Portland cement, the most common type.

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