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  • n. The sudden formation and collapse of low-pressure bubbles in liquids by means of mechanical forces, such as those resulting from rotation of a marine propeller.
  • n. The pitting of a solid surface.
  • n. Medicine The formation of cavities in a body tissue or an organ, especially those formed in the lung as a result of tuberculosis.

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  • n. The formation of pits on a surface.
  • n. The formation, in a fluid, of vapor bubbles that rapidly collapse; especially in a rotating marine propeller or pump impeller.
  • n. The formation of cavities in an organ, especially in lung tissue as a result of tuberculosis.

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  • n. The formation of holes or cavities within an agitated liquid.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From cavity.


  • This process, called cavitation, can destroy a pump or cause it to deteriorate rapidly.

    1.1 The role and purpose of irrigation

  • "At high speeds, something will happen called cavitation," he said.


  • Researchers have reported results that suggest the possibility of nuclear reactions during the explosive collapse of bubbles in liquid, a process known as cavitation ...


  • That kind of plooping sound the water makes pouring into the bowl is due in part to a process called cavitation (the making of a cavity), where air bubbles created by changes in pressure in the water oscillate and explode, creating teeny shock waves.

    Cocktail Party Physics

  • It is convenient to include "cavitation" within this term.

    The Aeroplane Speaks

  • For your home, and using electiricy, you might want to look into the highly efficient "cavitation" water heaters and other inexpensive methods that basically come on only when you need hot water, and it is basically a special metal disk that spins in the water very fast with a motor. - Articles related to 40 ways to celebrate Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary

  • All air in the system is under pressure (the pressure in the rubber bladder is factory-set to 5 bar) so it does not mix with any oil and cause foamy "cavitation" problems.

    Singletrack World

  • The experts concluded that these were formed by a phenomenon called "cavitation", which is caused by a restriction in the fuel flow to the pump.


  • Bigger the diameter the bigger the wound channel and more tissue damage from cavitation.

    7mm Rem Magnum receives bum rap!.....

  • All the water intake ports should be submerged, which usually means water level up to or above the cavitation plate (broad flat plate above propeller) ...

    Motor Testing Made Easy


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  • "Underwater, the prop whine and the cavitation of hundreds of thousands of air bubbles radiate outward into the ocean. The sound wraps around the foreshores of Newfoundland, refracts off the temperature discontinuity of the Gulf Stream, and dissipates into the crushing black depths beyond the continental shelf. Low frequency vibrations propagate almost forever underwater, and the throb of the Andrea Gail's machinery ust reach just about every life form on the Banks."

    —Sebastian Junger, The Perfect Storm, 1997 (NY: HarperCollins, 1999), 54

    August 18, 2009

  • "A hydrostatic seal provides control of a sealing surface taper as well as the cavitation reduction structure between the sealing surfaces. Control of sealing surfaces taper is provided through one or more relief recesses in the wall. Sounds complex, but it really isn’t."

    - Rocco Penn, 'Hydrostatic Seal: The Key to Walk-In Bathtubs',, 4 Nov 2008.

    November 8, 2008