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  • v. Present participle of slurp.
  • n. A sound or motion that slurps.


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  • Despite someone standing over me right now waving a fan just at the edge of my vision with his incessant fap-fap-fap and occassional brushing of the fan against his suit, and another guy slurping from a smelly cardboard pack of one-cup sake, and a third with ciggie breath, I can cope better by facing it rather than trying to hide behind a wall of sound.

    Television ads main new music discovery channel

  • It is the number, not the length of time slurping, that is key here.

    Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway

  • When the psychologists deprived lab rats of salt, the rodents began avoiding activities that they normally loved, such as slurping up a sugary fluid.

    Prozac Nation, 4000 B.C.

  • Jessica--it appears that has shut down "slurping" of blogger indefinitely.

    Blog Birthday

  • The spy tactics include copying information contained in laptop computers at airport checkpoints or hotel rooms, wirelessly inserting spyware on BlackBerry devices, and a new technique dubbed "slurping" that uses Bluetooth technology to steal data from electronic devices.

    U.S. Fears Threat of Cyberspying at Olympics

  • If (nay, WHEN) Detroit does well, I am bracing myself for the same kind of slurping that Grace did in the last game.

    Bless You Boys

  • When James 'superiors saw James charging his iPod, they accused him of "slurping," or using an iPod to download tens of thousands of company files per hour.

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  • Table manners are also non-existent, and the more riotous noises such as slurping, etc. you can produce while eating, the better. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • Perhaps "slurping" would be a better verb ...), and just generally enjoying myself.

    blue-parade Diary Entry

  • Rush Limbaugh, when not making slurping sounds while mocking Bialek's name and hinting at oral sex, was taking aim at her 13-year-old son and ridiculing him on the host's nationally syndicated program.

    Eric Boehlert: With Cain, Right-Wing Media Fail First Test of 2012 Campaign


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  • A particular nuisance in my office. My next-door officemate is the loudest slurper I have ever encountered. It's fascinating, in a highly annoying way.

    March 27, 2008