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  • n. A silkworm moth, Hyalophora cecropia, native to North America, having red white and black markings

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  • n. A genus of beautiful tropical American trees, with milky juice, natural order Urticaceæ.
  • n. [lowercase] In entomology, a moth, Attacus cecropia.

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  • n. large genus of tropical American trees that yield a bast fiber used for cordage and bark used in tanning; milky juice yields caoutchouc
  • n. North American silkworm moth; larvae feed on the leaves of forest trees


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  • He called the cecropia fruit mangimeowe and noted that it is eaten and dispersed by toucans and piping guans.

    One River

  • We duck under a wasp nest hanging low from a kapok, and see a great black hawk draping its wings in the sun on the top of a cecropia.

    Take Me to the River

  • He will live in one type of tree, eat one sort of food product, eat cecropia leaves.

    CNN Transcript Feb 16, 2007

  • Thankfully, the rain did not resume as they sat down next to one another beneath the ample bole of a big cecropia to wait for morning.

    The Mocking Program

  • Late in the day, just after we had feasted on the fruits of a wild cacao, we came upon a three-toed sloth climbing slowly through the upper branches of a cecropia tree.

    One River

  • Fired at one end, the burning resin tube was inserted into piles of cecropia ash and blown vigorously so that the myrrhlike aroma permeated the ash, thus flavoring the coca.

    One River

  • Every species of cecropia has living within the hollow nodes of its trunk a distinct species of fire ant.

    One River

  • Ernesto, meanwhile, carefully swept a portion of the dirt floor and fired a large pile of dry cecropia leaves, two varieties known in Cubeo as juakubu and opodokabú.

    One River

  • Close to where I had hung my hammock, Rufino kindled a fire to toast coca while his son reduced cecropia leaves to ash and prepared the mortar and pestle.

    One River

  • In the light of dusk one can finally discern shapes in the forest, sloths clinging to the limbs of cecropia trees, vipers entwined in branches, tapir wallowing in distant sloughs.

    One River


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  • "While the road was shaded by tall palms and cecropia trees, t he slave market itself was held in a large, stone-paved space without the grace of any shade...."

    —Diana Gabaldon, Voyager (NY: Dell, 1994), 830

    January 17, 2010