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  • n. The phenomenon, in chemistry, physics and mathematics, in which objects are mirror images of each other, but are not identical.

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  • n. In optics, the power possessed by certain crystals and optically active substances of turning the plane of polarization of light to the right or left hand.


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From Ancient Greek χείρ (kheir, "hand").


  • BTW, for me, chirality is much the strongest evidence for common descent, especially when considered with all the basic biochemical structures and processes that are almost universal, with their rare and fascinating exceptions.

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  • Many carbon-based molecules have a property called 'chirality'-they can exist in two forms that are mirror images of each other

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  • They'd like to launch an instrument into space that could detect the "chirality" - or handedness-of the light from molecules on other planets.

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  • He eventually discovered that everything that is alive has a twist in it, that there's something deep in nature called chirality, and that everything that is made - every animal, every plant, every human, everybody ...

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  • From the GW perspective, the solution to the original problem is that the notion of chirality gets modified on the lattice: Lattice Dirac operators satisfying the so-called GW relation (with the overlap Dirac operator being the main explicit example) break usual chiral symmetry but have instead an exact lattice-deformed version of chiral symm which can be used to decompose the action into left - and right-handed pieces as in the continuum.

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  • In the researchers' model, this superconducting ability depends on what's called chirality.

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  • The monomers exhibit axial chirality, which is recognized by their partner cage during the template-free interlocking assembly process.

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  • This two-handed quality is called chirality, and in a molecule, it can make the difference between healing and harming the human body.

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  • Now scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (or NIST) aim to take advantage of this so-called chirality to search for signs of extraterrestrial life.

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  • The direction is called the chirality (handedness) of the disk.

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