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  • n. Plural form of conformation.


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  • That Light, I say, of those lights, severally and conjointly, which are called the conformations of the King, or of the Crown of the King, that which shineth and adhereth to that Light, which is the innermost of all things, nor ever shineth without them.

    Hebrew Literature

  • This stereochemical concept rests on the original suggestion by van't Hoff of the tetrahedral arrangement of the four valences of the carbon atom (see Section 2), and most organic molecules exist in two or more stable conformations.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry: The Development of Modern Chemistry

  • As the authors write, "we hypothesized that human spatial reasoning could improve both the sampling of conformational space and the determination of when to pursue suboptimal conformations if the [random elements of current algorithms] were replaced with human decision making while retaining the deterministic Rosetta algorithms as [tools for players]."

    Why Crowdsourcing Works

  • A few FACTS/observations/conformations from someone who is actually a teacher:

    Intel’s Barrett: Teachers Matter More Than PCs - Bits Blog -

  • Biological materials exhibit special physical or chemical functions as a result of special shapes or conformations that result from self-assembly.

    Dan Agin: Book Review: Giant Molecules: From Nylon to Nanotubes

  • Speculative scenarios have been developed on the basis of the idea that even short peptides could provide selective advantage to an evolving system in the RNA world by stabilizing RNA molecules, affecting their conformations or enhancing their catalytic activities [31-33] (see Ref. [34] for an attempt of a synthesis on this direction in the study of translation origins).

    Again, there is absolutely no teleology involved

  • Differences in tidal flows are due to the differences in the physical conformations of the basins in which they flow (for background and more detail, see Palmieri 1998).

    Galileo Galilei

  • OK, then please show me a human-designed, walking motor that consumes energy only for restricting conformations and uses only Brownian motion for actual movement.

    Analogy, How Scientifically Powerful is It?

  • By powers, I mean intense and strong juices; and by structures, whatever conformations there are in man.

    On Ancient Medicine

  • We stress that many proteins are capable of folding efficiently into their native conformations without the help of differential translation rates.

    An evolutionary prediction: "Silent" mutations are not always silent - The Panda's Thumb


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