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  • noun The growth of the crystals of one substance on the crystal face of another substance, such that the crystalline substrates of both substances have the same structural orientation.

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  • noun Any of several techniques that grow ordered, crystalline layers on top of an existing monocrystalline substrate.

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  • noun growing a crystal layer of one mineral on the crystal base of another mineral in such a manner that its crystalline orientation is the same as that of the substrate


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  • Ouyang and fellow researchers Jiatao Zhang, Yun Tang and Kwan Lee, say their method offers a host of benefits over the existing process, known as epitaxy, used to create single crystal semiconductors and related devices.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • Always looking for new ways to reduce the use of light bulbs with something other than the mercury-laden fluorescent ones, the Purdue team has used the common techniques of reactive sputter deposition and organometallic vapor phase epitaxy to come up with viable LED technology that will finally make our incandescent technology obsolete.

    vacation, the environment, and high-tech

  • ASMI said Francisco Partners offered to buy its remaining front-end activities, including epitaxy and vertical furnaces.

    ASM Receives New Combined Bid

  • Scientists can grow the chip using multiple one-atom-thick layers in a process called molecular beam epitaxy .

    Spin Doctors Create Quantum Chip

  • Liquid phase epitaxy and vapor phase epitaxy produce solid results.

    Tara Smith Speaks - The Panda's Thumb

  • And epitaxy is done under precisely controlled, highly selective, specific conditions.

    Tara Smith Speaks - The Panda's Thumb

  • You and your Dr. Rustum are comparing epitaxy to “shake and dilute”?

    Tara Smith Speaks - The Panda's Thumb

  • Are you seriously equating epitaxy to “shake and dilute”?

    Tara Smith Speaks - The Panda's Thumb

  • Starting out with a relatively simple Silicon-Germanium epitaxy, we are looking at uniaxial compression and stretching for PMOS and NMOS devices, respectively, to speed up the currents and reduce power consumption at the same time.

    CPUs and heat

  • At the time, he was working on semiconductor quantum wells, an exciting new area of research made possible by the invention of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) in the late '60s by Alfred Cho, also of Bell Labs.

    Horst L. Störmer - Autobiography


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