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  • adj. Passing through or lying on the same straight line.
  • adj. Containing a common line; coaxial.

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  • adj. lying on the same straight line
  • adj. coaxial

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  • Lying in the same straight line.
  • n. A trade-name of a variety of anastigmat (which see).

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  • adj. lying on the same line


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  • One is the data set might be too small -- what econometricians call "collinear" -- and the other is that the assumptions that you need are not really credible.

    Library of Economics and Liberty

  • No, not Newt's law, but Newton's Law, which says "The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear."

    Newton's Law and Barney Frank

  • However, I do though question your assumption that CO2 and Solar are collinear.

    IPCC and Solar Correlations « Climate Audit

  • In the new setting, the projective properties of figures can be defined unexceptionably. a one-one mapping f of projective space onto itself is a collineation if it sends any three collinear points A, B, and C, to three points (A), (B), and (C), which are collinear too.

    Nineteenth Century Geometry

  • In fact, according to a common definition of “geometric duality”, the case of three lines sharing an intersection point can be considered equivalent to the case of three points being collinear.

    Life on Mars? The real lesson from Lowell - The Panda's Thumb

  • Clearly if the drivers are nearly collinear you have a problem.

    Famiglietti Strikes Again « Climate Audit

  • In a way principle component analysis helps as it orthoginilizes your drivers and although Steve mentioned the PCA is equivalent to least mean squares via the singular value based pseudo inverse this does not address the fact about the sensitivity of least mean squares to noise that correlates with the common signal of two nearly collinear drivers e.g co2 and solar.

    Famiglietti Strikes Again « Climate Audit

  • It occurred to me that we can add extra error terms to introduce error in the cost function if the regression proxies are not collinear.

    More on MBH98 Figure 7 « Climate Audit

  • Since the low frequency parts of the CO2 curve and solar curve are nearly collinear the estimation is particularly sensitive to low frequency noise.

    More on MBH98 Figure 7 « Climate Audit

  • “This dichroic mirror layer blocks the diffusion by the address pits, allowing ideal collinear holographic recording,” it says.

    Data storage milestone -


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