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  • v. To transform into a commodity; commodify is the more common term


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  • Volcker's pragmatic solution to the problem of declining production was to free up the administrative, finance and service sectors of the economy: to "commoditize," and take proper competitive advantage of, the vast consumer market itself.

    Larry Abrams: The Great Recession

  • But as more and more corporations find bright new ways to "commoditize" their workforce and offshore their "labor resources," the talented and committed will find the pitfalls of life outside of a Fortune 500 to be worth the risks.

    Caveats for those moving to Mexico who are too young to retire

  • (government requirements) we should seek also to 'commoditize' biofuels and help create an international market to increase their trade by harmonizing fuel standards,


  • The big question is - what will commoditize Google??


  • Is it possible to commoditize or replace the ad-clicking consumer?


  • It is much harder to commoditize an armed citizen.

    Guns = "Unhealthy" Lifestyle?

  • There is some Indian company trying to commoditize analyst coverage, starting with corporate bond analysis.

    The VC Industry Is Too Fat and the Exits Are Too Thin

  • Yes, I think Gadget Sleuth is echoing the oft-repeated refrain that Apple should commoditize the Mac, to make low-end, cheap models that compete with Dell, HP, Acer, et al. Not only is there no incentive for Apple to do this – that low-end is about as sleazy as it gets, business-wise – but it would only bring negatives for Apple.

    Apple Is Approaching a Defining Moment

  • The strategy of delivering bandwidth as just another component of the cloud, rather than a higher-margin add-on service will help commoditize the CDN business further.

    Voxel Adds Cloud Computing With SilverLining

  • Back to Financial Times, it seems like a suitable name for the last decades when finance, like once gold and iron, went through a face of innovation, became an excessively big part of the economy to later commoditize and become a more normal part of our economy. gordon gekko Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » The Finance Economy


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  • WORD: commoditize


    (1) As defined by Wiktionary above.

    (2) To depersonalize ; to objectify -- ' to present or regard as an object. "Because we have objectified animals, we are able to treat them impersonally” ( Barry Lopez). ' -- American Heritage Dictionary

    (3) To reduce a living being to a fungible medium of exchange, such repackaging being for the purpose of trivializing all objections which might otherwise be raised by inconveniently squeamish champions of morality.


    ' In E.B. White's 1952 children's novel Charlotte's Web, Charlotte the spider explains to Wilbur the pig that life on the farm is not what it appears to be.

    ' Homer Zuckerman, the farmer, slaughters pigs, she warns.

    ' These days, Wilbur would have more to fear. He'd be squeezed against scores of other swine, hoofing a steel grate floor, while growing fatter and fatter on a factory farm. He'd be commoditized into a hog futures contract. Then some trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange could swap his lifeless body in a millisecond.

    ' If you could carve one second into a thousand slices, just one of those slices would be a millisecond and about how quickly you could trade dead Wilbur. The trader wouldn't have any interest in him as the more sumptuous part of a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, but merely as a medium of exchange. '

    --- Al Lewis. "Caught in a Web". 05 May 2013. From Al's Emporium, a column appearing in The Wall Street Journal.

    September 24, 2013