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  • n. Digestion (of food etc.).
  • n. The preparing of a medicine, food or other substance out of many ingredients.
  • n. A mixture prepared in such a way.
  • n. Something made-up, an invention.
  • n. The act of digesting in the mind; rumination.
  • n. Abatement of a morbid process, such as fever, and return to a normal condition.
  • n. The act of perfecting or maturing.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A change in food produced by the organs of nutrition; digestion.
  • n. The act of concocting or preparing by combining different ingredients; also, the food or compound thus prepared.
  • n. The act of digesting in the mind; planning or devising; rumination.
  • n. Abatement of a morbid process, as a fever and return to a normal condition.
  • n. The act of perfecting or maturing.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Digestion.
  • n. The process by which morbid matter was formerly supposed to be separated from the blood or humors, or otherwise changed and prepared to be thrown off; maturation.
  • n. A ripening or maturing; maturity.
  • n. The act of preparing and combining the materials of anything; hence, the devising or planning of anything; the act of contriving or getting up: as, the concoction of a medical prescription, or of a scheme or plot.
  • n. That which is concocted; specifically, a mixture or compound of various ingredients: as, a concoction of whisky, milk, and sugar.

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  • n. the act of creating something (a medicine or drink or soup etc.) by compounding or mixing a variety of components
  • n. an occurrence of an unusual mixture
  • n. the invention of a scheme or story to suit some purpose
  • n. any foodstuff made by combining different ingredients


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin concoctiōnem.


  • Actually, this concoction is an example of a colloidal suspension - a mixture of tiny, but not molecule-sized bits of one substance suspended (floating) in another.

    What’s the Matter?

  • This concoction is sure to please anyone who appreciates a whiskey sour.


  • While the play's the thing, one thing for sure in this particular brave new world concoction is that there is no Prospero in it.

    What fools these mortals be (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • This delicious concoction is my entry to both this week's edition of YeastSpotting and also to Zorra's yearly roundup of World Bread Day (get your entries in by the 16th to participate!).

    Bibbity Bobbity Babka

  • This concoction is like one of those with ten shots of cherry.

    2008 December :

  • The delicious whipped cream concoction is all Lisa's - I can't take credit for that.

    Uncle Richard's sweet potato pie | Homesick Texan

  • J When I got up at 2pm today, I treated myself to my peanut butter concoction from the night before.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • This concoction is combined and poured into a round baking pan.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • This chocolate-y concoction is Mexico's answer to the Brandy Alexander.

    A Sweet Tequila Cocktail: Toreador

  • However, this rich concoction is a bit much for Bubba's BLT (which used to be a special treat when Bubba had access to heirloom tomatoes in season instead of this Mexican cardboard he gets now) or cheesesburgers barbequed on the grill in the garden with hickory chips and so forth and so on.

    [sfmacaws] Your Favorites?


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