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  • n. configuration


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  • Get a config file to start with: cp/boot/config*. config

  • For e.g. in your case if you want to skip web. config you can specify from the command line: - skip: objectName = filepath, absolutepath = \\web\. config$

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  • Notice that the global config file has the $config array in there and each element is part of the array. Latest 15 Tutorials

  • DavidIQ wrote: Well technically the config array should already be populated so you'd just do something similar to $config [ 'last_exe'] and go from there.

  • Creates missing config entry. function set_config ($config_name, $config_value, $is_dynamic = false) global $db, $cache, $config;

  • Sample usage: BTSBackup. exe "- config: c: \backups\ \config"

  • A. Current Linux kernel configuration is stored in. config file or config-$ (uname - r) file:

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  • $config [ 'require_activation']: $invite - config [ 'invite_require_activation'];

  • #get my Config:: Simple object for direct access my $config = $self-config;

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  • $config [ 'lastrss_ap_enabled'] = 1; (boolean - if true, ap is enabled and feeds are checked) $config [ 'lastrss_ap_items_limit'] = 5; (number of items which is bot trying to post) $config [ 'lastrss_ap_bot_id'] = 143; (user_id of user, which will post it to forum) - all those config values are in database table config of your phpbb install ...


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