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  • n. A vagina.
  • n. A woman (viewed as a object of sexual desire).


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Uncertain, but compare vernacular Arabic kus and Kurdish qûz (“vagina”). The term is not documented in the United States before the Second World War and may have been brought back to the US by servicemen who fought in north Africa.


  • I can smell weed on your clothes and cooze on your skin.

    The Glass Rainbow

  • You know, that mother who drank wine coolers all day, wore Payless high heels with her sweats and talked about how she hopes her cooze can get wet again for she gets vaginal rejuvenation surgery, because it's been feeling so itchy lately.

    Dlisted - Be Very Afraid

  • This is how big ideas are born, with loads of blood and afterbirth and slimy stuff gushing from my man-cooze.

    The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : People say I’m obnoxious and self-centered, but frankly I just don’t see it

  • But Casino has no likable characters; they're all idiots with an inflated sense of esteem who float by on clouds of efficiency, cooze, and violence.

    Wisdom = 8

  • Thankfully my Mum is like this - in her own words - "I don't what you do, it's your cooze."

    10th March '04

  • Bosten pizza tonight was really fun exept i felt bad for anna and logen because we were all just going off about our past and stanly cooze the deer run legend.

    boywithhair Diary Entry

  • Valentine Chalons does not want you and your wife hustling cooze in this area.

    Dave Robicheaux Ebook Boxed Set

  • "And I want you to know that all my womanizing and chasing ring-a-ding cooze is just subterfuge to hide my overweening lust for YOU, the men of K of C Chapter 384, you gorgeous hunks of manicotti with your king-sized braciolas that I just can't wait to sautee and fricassee and take deep into my tantalizing Tetrazzini!"

    American Tabloid

  • He had a divorce gig at noon -- the husband drank lunch alone and dug young cooze.

    American Tabloid

  • He doesn't really dig cooze, but he likes to be seen with beautiful women.

    American Tabloid


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