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  • n. The branch of an intelligence service charged with keeping sensitive information from an enemy, deceiving that enemy, preventing subversion and sabotage, and collecting political and military information.

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  • n. counterespionage

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  • n. intelligence activities concerned with identifying and counteracting the threat to security posed by hostile intelligence organizations or by individuals engaged in espionage or sabotage or subversion or terrorism


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From counter- +‎ intelligence


  • He claimed that he himself was a member of the CIA (a charge he later recanted) and said he had been recruited “between 1970 and 1971” and trained in counterintelligence in Panama and Venezuela.

    Twilight of the Assassins

  • The website, MyanmarNargis. org, has a few telltale signs of being a false front operation -- what is euphemistically known in the field as "counterintelligence" -- headed up in fact by the SPDC.

    A Wanted Man in Burma

  • From 1948 to 1972, Mr. Gorham worked in Japanese counterintelligence in the Navy Department's Office of Naval Intelligence.

    Don C. Gorham, interpreter/translator

  • In 1942, he joined the FBI, where he specialized in counterintelligence.

    William Broe, former high-level CIA official, dies at 97

  • Through sources in German counterintelligence he learned that, despite all public claims to the contrary, the Nazis planned to ghettoize all Jews in Hungary and then deport them.42


  • The second-ranked character's main job is counterintelligence, which is rather like snow repair in Miami.

    August 30th, 2006

  • The first is, as we have done in Afghanistan in the wake of September 11th, with other intelligence agencies and the military, exploring information opportunities, where they would be from interrogating individuals or from documents relating to counterintelligence, that is the intelligence operations of the Iraqi Intelligence Service around the world, but also in the United States.

    CNN Transcript Apr 17, 2003

  • I will actively support their being retained in their function, that is to say the counterintelligence function, in which they have served our city faithfully.

    Exodus From The Long Sun

  • Since that time, more than 13,500 service members have unfairly been discharged under the policy, including more than 800 specialists serving in 'critical operations,' such as counterintelligence, medicine, and translation.

    California Progress Report

  • Even Bill Colby, who had been involved in some pretty brutal stuff during the Phoenix counterintelligence program in Vietnam, came to feel that the secret projects were destroying the agency.

    The Good Fight


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  • Does this presume there was intelligence in the first place?

    March 5, 2009