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  • adj. Tending to hinder rather than serve one's purpose: "Violation of the court order would be counterproductive” ( Philip H. Lee).

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  • adj. More of a hindrance than a help.

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  • adj. tending to hinder the achievement of a goal


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counter- +‎ productive


  • NPR's commitment to a contrived form of journalistic objectivity may be counterproductive from the point of view of informing its audience, but there's no question that even prior to this incident Williams 'appearances on FOX went against NPR's code of ethics, which advises employees to "not express views they would not air in their role as an NPR journalist."

    Conservatives declare war on NPR

  • I want to talk about beneficial outcomes and engagement, because I believe that these sort of "pay for hashtag" promotions are pointless and actually counterproductive from the perspective of the charity itself.

    Dave Taylor: Why #beatcancer Doesn't Help Fight Cancer

  • Equally self-indulgent and counterproductive is pouting on the left.

    Paula Gordon: a Land of Nuts and Money

  • How any thinking person can argue that our foreign policy over the past several years has not been counterproductive is beyond me.

    Lieberman attacks Obama over foreign policy

  • There are legitimate reasons for preferring Hillary to Obama or any other candidate, though now that Obama's is almost certain to win, continuing to promote Hillary over him is a bit counterproductive from the Democratic perspective.

    Senator Clinton and the War

  • Indeed there has been a disturbing, unnecessary and in the long-term counterproductive degree of thinly veiled anti-Americanism in Brazilian foreign policy under Lula.


  • There was nothing particularly newsworthy about Springer's quote he called the rift "counterproductive" - sure, if you're an ally of the BIAW, it's counterproductive but Haugen brazenly claimed she prefers one side over the other.

    Haugen claims she's not friends with the BIAW, but evidence shows otherwise

  • One senior administration official said he was not in favor of cross-border operations - which he said have been generally "counterproductive" - unless they were directed against top leaders of

    NYT > Home Page

  • As for the notion that criticizing national security policies as counterproductive is the same as saying “We brought it on ourselves,” well, Dick contradicts himself here, too, as he is quite happy to cast blame on the Clinton administration’s anti-terrorism policies for an attack that happened on the Bush administration’s watch.

    Wonk Room » Obligatory Cheney AEI Speech Post

  • I can, however, think of at least one way in which this sort of practice might be counterproductive from the police’s own perspective.

    The Sociology of Spying


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