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  • n. A British silver coin worth five shillings, or the fourth part of a pound sterling. See crown, n., 13.
  • n. A strap in a bridle, head-stall, or halter, which passes over the head of the horse and is secured by buckles to the cheek-straps.
  • n. The crown-sheet or top plate of the fire-box of an internally fired boiler.


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  • But saving ae crown-piece, he'd naething else beside,

    Letter 234

  • A sou, sometimes a crown-piece, a stone, a skeleton, a bleeding body, sometimes a spectre folded in four like a sheet of paper in a portfolio, sometimes nothing.

    Les Miserables

  • Moreover, Oliver Giles, a man of seventeen, one of the dancers, who was enamoured of his partner, a fair girl of thirty-three rolling years, had recklessly handed a new crown-piece to the musicians, as a bribe to keep going as long as they had muscle and wind.

    Wessex Tales

  • The former blubbered so, that Mr. Warrington was quite touched by his fidelity, and gave him a crown-piece to go to supper with the poor girl, who turned out to be his sweetheart.

    The Virginians

  • A speck was seen rapidly descending from the heavens; it grew to be as big as a crown-piece, then as a partridge, then as a tea-kettle, and flop! down fell a magnificent heron to the ground, flooring poor Max in its fall.

    A Legend of the Rhine

  • Here is a crown-piece for them to drink my health, and thanks for their good-will.

    Rob Roy

  • ‘Remarkable case of a person who swallowed a crown-piece, sir?’

    Our Mutual Friend

  • The white cloth now appeared the size of a crown-piece.

    A Popular Account of Dr. Livingstone's Expedition to the Zambesi and Its Tributaries

  • Then, added my father, making use of the argument Ad Crumenam, — I will lay twenty guineas to a single crown-piece (which will serve to give away to Obadiah when he gets back) that this same Stevinus was some engineer or other — or has wrote something or other, either directly or indirectly, upon the science of fortification.

    The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

  • The chin was bare to the size of a crown-piece; and, both while he spoke and while he listened to others speaking, the lawyer caressed this patch with his finger-tips; so that in the course of time it had arrived at a state of high polish — like the shell of an egg.

    Australia Felix


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