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  • n. A highly flammable, explosive, colorless gas, C3H6, sometimes used as an anesthetic.

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  • n. The simplest alicyclic hydrocarbon, C3H6, an inflammable gas, sometimes used as an anaesthetic.

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  • n. a colorless flammable gas (C3H6) with a three-carbon ring, sometimes used as an anesthetic.

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  • n. a colorless flammable gas sometimes used as an inhalation anesthetic


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  • The word cyclopropane popped into my mind, surreal and inappropriate as a pigeon in a fish bowl.

    Vicious Grace

  • Anything that hissed like the lantern in the civil defense ward or had the weird burned-cheese smell of cyclopropane residue sent me into a tailspin.

    Vicious Grace

  • Reaction of styrene and ethyl diazoacetate in the presence of a small amount of a chiral Schiff base-Cu (II) complex gave optically active cyclopropane derivatives, albeit with

    Ryoji Noyori - Autobiography

  • Rose, knowing that such a necklace existed, but not realising that the tape, if found, wasn't itself worth much and certainly not a million, may have hungered for it fiercely enough to anaesthetise everyone around at Bon-Bon's house with cyclopropane, and gather up every videotape in sight.


  • I said, 'I'd think it was one of them who squirted you with cyclopropane and laid me out with the empty cylinder, and I don't know who that was.


  • A lethal amount of insulin ... a syringeful of 'goodbye' threat, a cylinder of cyclopropane gas, a prelude to any sort of injected extinction.


  • Imploring for release, he half said, half sobbed, desperately, 'I got the cyclopropane gas for Rose ...


  • Because it wasn't some old guy that gassed us with that cyclopropane.


  • I could have done with a double cyclopropane, shaken, with ice.


  • The doctor told the departing detectives to look for villains with access to the anaesthetic gas cyclopropane, which came in orange cylinders, and wasn't much used because of being highly flammable and explosive.



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  • volatile hydrocarbon, no longer used in medicine as a sedative and for induction of anesthesia

    February 7, 2018