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  • adj. Of or being a modifier, especially a participle or participial phrase, that grammatically modifies the subject of its sentence but semantically modifies another element of the sentence or an unstated referent, as approaching Dallas in the sentence Approaching Dallas, the skyline came into view. See Usage Note at participle.

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  • adj. suspended from above
  • n. the act of hanging something from above such that it can move freely; suspension
  • v. Present participle of dangle.

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  • n. the act of suspending something (hanging it from above so it moves freely)


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  • Did I need a tag dangling from Suzies neck to identify her?

    Dog on It

  • MAX, advertised with a photo of a heavy steel chain dangling from a telephone receiver in place of a cord.

    The Prison-Industrial Complex

  • Then I glanced at the tag dangling from the left sleeve and I almost fainted.

    Unfinished Symphony

  • And if - the surface carbon atoms are what we called dangling bonds, and they're very reactive.

    Happy Birthday, Buckyballs!

  • Took the photo (fall of Saigon) of the helo lifting off with the person dangling from the bottom.

    Heroes or Villains?

  • Our daughter sleeps, each night, with her hand dangling from the bed, to the floor, where it rests with reassurance on her dog's soft back.

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  • After a few puffs, they resumed harvesting, the thin, uneven cigarettes dangling from the edges of their mouths as they laughed and chatted, sharing everything from recipes to crude jokes.

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  • Drivers told authorities that the women were dangling from the bridge and flashing passers-by.

    VAMPIRE DIARIES WRAP-UP 10/2/09 | Open Society Book Club Discussions and Reviews

  • On his left pectoral is a skull with one eyeball dangling from the socket by a cord of veins.


  • Meanwhile, his left arm joins his left leg in dangling out the car window and he drives with one hand, longing nearly horizontal with his seat tipped back.

    2009 August 19 « Mudpuddle


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