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  • n. a natural object consisting of a dead animal or person


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  • The dead body is carried away: The Poysoner Wooes the

    Hamlet (1623 First Folio Edition)

  • Antigone has resolved to sprinkle sand on the dead body of her brother Polynices, notwithstanding the edict of King Creon condemning to death that one who should perform this service, which the Greeks deemed so important, for the enemy of his country; but Ismene, who is of a less resolute and noble spirit, declines taking part with her sister in this work, and says, --

    A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers

  • I called 911 and reported a dead body in the Senton Hotel on Twenty-eighth Street, room sixty-three.

    The Double Life is Twice as Good

  • Once all the equipment was back onboard, he battened down the vinyl top and draped Mangor's dead body across the top, tying her down.

    Deception Point

  • I had never seen a dead body in my forty-two years and Vincent Ettin was my first.

    The Double Life is Twice as Good

  • His very grave is disputed -- a dispossessed ANTECESSOR claims the ground as his own, and the dead body of the Conqueror has to wait while its last resting-place is bought with money.

    William the Conqueror

  • [98] As "ÉLIPHAS LÉVI" well says: "Superstition ... is the sign surviving the thought; it is the dead body of a religious rite."

    Bygone Beliefs

  • [A plain in Syria.] [Enter VENTIDIUS as it were in triumph, with SILIUS, and other Romans, Officers, and Soldiers; the dead body of PACORUS borne before him]

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • When the picked up the car, George Anthony — a former police officer — and the impound lot manager both said it smelled like a dead body had been inside.

    Casey Anthony freed from Fla. jail, slips from view

  • "Hey, are you the fella with a dead body under the floor?" he asked with a pudding-face smile.

    The Cat Who Went Underground


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