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  • n. A computer program that helps the user to test and debug other programs, by enabling their step-by-step execution controlled by the user, setting of breakpoints, and monitoring values of variables.

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  • n. a program that helps in locating and correcting programming errors


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to debug + -er


  • Although a debugger is provided, developers also can write their own debugger with version 1.1.

    Rubinius Ruby language variant gets an upgrade

  • The current frame-that is, the frame where you called debugger&mdashl; is numbered 0.

    Linux Magazine

  • There's also the image debugger, which is handy, but requires you to link it into your program.

    Planet Mozilla

  • One of the most useful database features added to the debugger is the ability to

    The Watchmaker Project Tumblelog

  • The debugger is your primary tool for finding bugs, so join us and learn how to make the most of it.

    MSDN Events

  • So, we load up the debugger and look at the memory dump once the system is back up - it lets us know that its opinion is a pool corruption "probably" caused by Driver B, or maybe ntoskrnl. exe, or perhaps win32k. sys (the last 2 are VERY unlikely to be the real cause, but the debugger is a simple beast and doesn't know any better).

    TechNet Blogs

  • Anytime you can have the code tell you about a problem instead of having to find it by slaving away with a debugger is a huge timesaver.

    MSDN Magazine: RSS Feed

  • • Smart: debugger akan melihat kode yang sedang dieksekusi untuk melihat apakah perlu menampilkan hasilnya ke layar.

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  • Absoft also includes a graphical debugger, which is essential for getting your code to not only work right, but also work fast.


  • Problems that disappear under the debugger are a classic symptom of a heisenbug, this was no exception.

    MSDN Blogs


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