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  • n. A microcomputer on a single chip, used to control some device such as an automobile engine or a toy.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

micro- +‎ controller


  • This year's contest is sponsored by Microchip, and together we've got rad prizes to give to the best in microcontroller Halloween projects.

    Boing Boing

  • To do that, Mr. Hinton said, the company took the unusual approach of storing power management-software in a built-in component called a microcontroller, which is usually a separate chip.

    Intel Rolls Out Core i7 Chip

  • Martin Kail: And, of course, the trapdoor would be connected to an Arduino microcontroller, which is rigged to a seat sensor.

    The KEEP CLEAR Desk | Lifehacker Australia

  • The microcontroller is a CPU with some RAM on a small circuit board designed to perform simple dedicated tasks.

    Open Gardens

  • PC104 form factor for applications such as industrial control, consumer electronics and medical equipment. microcontroller, which is based on 500MHz ARM Cortex-A8 Core with Neon

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news

  • The button pad's SPI signals are described as they relate to the on-board microcontroller, which is opposite the usual notation.

    Hack a Day

  • The microcontroller is a substitute for the digital clock, which usually times the explosion.


  • Diagnosing problems with panels would require more high-tech chip technologies, possibly attracting makers of more advanced chips such as microcontroller companies Texas Instruments Inc. or Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

    New Chips Can Boost Solar Power

  • The electronically controllable system of the invention for viewing on a television, updateable television programming information comprises a microcontroller which is partially controllable by remote control system and is updateable via telephone link, magnetic cards or floppy disks, or television or radio subcarrier, the microcontroller including input/output interfaces, a microprocessor and a RAM; a mixer for mixing a regularly received television signal with the signal generated by the microcontroller; an RF converter for receiving the radio frequency information from the mixer, microcontroller, and television antennae and properly converting the information into information which may be sent to the television;; and a remote control system for permitting the viewer to direct the microcontroller to perform searches on information contained in the RAM so as to provide on the television screen in a chosen format, subsets of information desired by the viewer.

    The Pirate Bay: the verdict doesn’t matter

  • The Japanese chip maker's recovery is important to the global auto industry, as the company produces 40% of the world's automotive microcontroller chips.

    Renesas Sees Faster-Than-Expected Output Recovery


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