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  • n. The act or process of deconflicting.


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deconflict +‎ -ion


  • Additionally, regulations such as right-of-way rules designed to ensure collision avoidance, also known as deconfliction, create technological challenges of developing sensors and sensor-processing algorithms that can perceive other aircraft at specific distances and sizes. - latest science and technology news stories

  • This time he would remain ever so slightly in the rear, in order to run the other three captains and to deal with "deconfliction" issues.

    Five Days in Fallujah

  • Marine Corps, that really his first task is what he calls "deconfliction," which is basically to avoid any sort of clashes or problems between the various forces involved in the north.

    CNN Transcript Mar 27, 2003

  • With agents going undercover, state and local police coordinate their online activities with the Secret Service, FBI and other federal agencies in a strategy known as "deconfliction" to keep out of each other's way.

    SFGate: Top News Stories

  • But France left NATO in 1966 (although it has been discussing rejoining), and does not participate in this submarine "deconfliction" program.

  • This system will provide meaningful deconfliction among federal, state, local, tribal, and even some international partners who investigate child exploitation.

    Gary G. Grindler: Protecting Our Children from Crimes Online

  • At which point you'd/better/teach the mob some basic tactics so their is some degree of fires deconfliction.

    Comic-Con 08: Awesome Terminator Salvation Updates - Rated R?! «

  • We've suppressed any way of fighting we cannot support and participate in fully, because to do so could, frankly, end up with more dead Afghan soldiers due to friendly fire and deconfliction problems than dead enemy.

    Derrick Crowe: Gen. McChrystal's Assessment Ignores COIN Doctrine, Reality

  • I noted with interest that the George W. Bush administration, in the last months of that presidency, refused Israel's request for bunker-buster bombs and the deconfliction codes -- the codes necessary, so that if Israeli airplanes are launched, they won't conflict with American aircraft in the region -- and the right to -- I think they asked for the right to overfly Iraq.

    CNN Transcript Apr 5, 2009

  • So, I can't sit here and predict for you whether the Obama administration would say, OK, here are the bunker-busting bombs, and here are the deconfliction codes.

    CNN Transcript Apr 5, 2009


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  • deconfliction, n.

    The Guardian, 29 September 2015:

    It raises questions about whether the Russians will use their air presence to attack the few anti-Assad forces whom the US is training to battle Isis – a program that has come under review after it has failed to produce the ground army the US administration promised last year would roll back Isis gains – much as the new “deconfliction” channel raises the prospect of Russian attempts to stop US flights on behalf of Assad’s enemies.

    October 2, 2015