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  • If he wins, they will continue to play and replay the madrassa bullshit, they will take every tiny misstatement and make it a huge issue, they will continue to repeat (under the guise of disspelling) the bullshit lie that he's a muslim and so on.

    Bill Clinton, His Wife, And The Media

  • The druids in these caverns had the annoying ability to cast a sleep spell on us, but snadid a good job in disspelling it.

    Crossfire: Wailing Caverns

  • WHITFIELD: On this World AIDS Day, a reminder one of the most prominent celebrities associated with spreading the word about AIDS and HIV and disspelling misconceptions is Magic Johnson.

    CNN Transcript Dec 1, 2007

  • Anna Molly: Good to see you disspelling more of Walker's many, many lies. Top headlines

  • Thank you for disspelling the Republican rhetoric of this not being the right time due to the economy as it sits today.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • The only time I felt genuine emotion from him was when he was disspelling the rumours about Elin hitting him, and while demanding that the press leave Elin and his kids alone.

    The Velvet Hot Tub | Freshest Stories

  • It seems to me that until and unless someone out there start's disspelling some of these misleading and unchallenged ways of thinking, we're all in for a continued spiral downward.

    blog maverick


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  • see also eye dialect

    August 18, 2015

  • Just a brief morphological note in the hope of dispelling confusion about the nonce word "disspelling". The "dis-" particle in the word derives from the verb "to dis", which is slang for "to disrespect", which itself is slang for "to show disrepect" or "to treat disrespectfully". It is not a misspelling of "dispelling", which derives from the Latin "dispellere" and means "to drive away", in the sense of making something (usually bad) disappear.

    July 2, 2015

  • For many years influential members of one of the two major political parties in the United States have been refusing to call the other party by its proper name. Right-wing Republicans will not utter the word “Democratic” in any medium with respect to the rival party. They refuse to acknowledge the existence of the adjectival form of “Democrat” and insist on referring to the “Democrat Party” or to “Democrat voters” or to “Democrat proposals.” This is presumably to deny by implication that any “democratic” virtues attach to that party and to insult their opponents by the deliberate malformation of their name. The practice has become so widespread as to cease to draw comment or correction.

    See also newspeak.

    July 2, 2015

  • See sprots

    June 25, 2015

  • Would another example be Oblivia Neutron Bomb for the star of Xanadu?

    June 25, 2015

  • See somdomite.

    June 24, 2015

  • n. The practice of deliberately misspelling a word as a way to convey disapproval or contempt.

    disspelling is a combination of dis + spelling.

    See sprots.

    June 15, 2015