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  • as in .........damage?....pitisome? pitiall?

    May 28, 2015

  • The French "dommage," lit. "damage," is heard most often in that language, and with some frequency in English, in the expressions c'est dommage and quel dommage. From the Urban Dictionary:

    c'est dommage

    Said in a kind way it means:

    It's too bad, It's a pity.
    Ex. Megan makes terrible hot chocolate, c'est dommage.

    Said in an indifferent way it means: 
    it's tough, it doesn't matter, I could care less
    Ex. If you don't like my hot chocolate, c'est dommage.

    Quel dommage

    An intentionally ironic statement meaning "What a Pity" or "What a Shame".
    Ex. You hate being around smokers and your best friend goes in to a store to buy another pack but they are out of his brand; you can say: "Quel Dommage!"

    May 27, 2015