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  • Only an idiot is going to pay cash to get a big virtual sword, and thus a bigger e-penis.


  • I don't think soulbound objects are an anti-RMT thing, I think it's more of an e-penis thing.

    Attitudes to RMT

  • I like my PS3 and my Xbox360, but I guess the e-penis contest is not yet over…

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Lair Review: 4.9 / 10 from IGN

  • Whether it goes faster is completely different and if your e-penis gets bigger after stating your opinion, then go for it. - Articles related to Test your fuel-economy know-how

  • I also did NOT want an Xbox Achievement e-penis system … yet you are now dumping PS specific features and have been adopting Xbox features.

    Blogpulse Top Links

  • Private trackers create half of the problem - people save all their upload for private so they can get a good ratio and increase their e-penis, and to do so they have to hit-and-run on public torrents when they can't find what they want privately, and then they bitch about how slow the public torrent was because of all the hit-and-runs.

    Stories from an Opentracker

  • The only way to counter this is to build yourself an e-penis so large that it can be seen from space, because, on the internet, people only recall the e-penis.

    All Updates @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

  • So, jokes designed to swell the growth of their e-penis might slip out in front of a friend, accomplice or potential enemy.

    All Updates @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

  • Wappingers Falls, NY no, IT IS a pointless rant. you are not asking for a solution, you didn't say you are working on a solution. you are just posting your e-penis measurements, which are totally pointless.

    DSLreports - front page

  • James is fascinated by the size of your Twitter e-penis.

    World of Wonder Productions


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  • Everybody can have one. At Twitter or not. The next level must be e-masturbate.

    March 31, 2009

  • No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 18, 2007

  • Fascinating stuff!

    April 11, 2007

  • Fantastic, and sad, coinage. Measuring your manhood, or personhood, by how long you spend in front of a computer? How incredibly wimpy.

    April 10, 2007

  • Uh oh. I fear what that makes *me* (aside from incredibly Wordie, that is). ;-)

    April 10, 2007

  • *deep voice*

    Hey baby, have I mentioned I'm the 10th Wordiest person on this site? Out of almost 4,000 people?

    How 'bout a date?

    April 10, 2007

  • I do know people who consider number of posts/words/etc. to be akin to their machismo.

    April 9, 2007

  • Well, *this* is a scary coinage. ;-)

    April 9, 2007

  • See the Urban Dictionary entry, specifically usage #3:

    Online "social status" on an internet forum. Usually based on stats such as post count, or amount of time one has been a member.

    April 9, 2007

  • What on Earth are you talking about?

    April 9, 2007

  • With the addition of this word, my e-penis is now exactly 155 words long.

    April 9, 2007