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  • n. Any of various bottom-dwelling marine fishes of the family Zoarcidae, having an elongated body and a large head.
  • n. See burbot.

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  • n. Any fish of the family Zoarcidae.
  • n. A yellow flower of uncertain type, possibly the eel-ware.

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  • n. A European fish (Zoarces viviparus), remarkable for producing living young; -- called also greenbone, guffer, bard, and Maroona eel. Also, an American species (Z. anguillaris), -- called also mutton fish, and, erroneously, congo eel, ling, and lamper eel. Both are edible, but of little value.
  • n. A fresh-water fish, the burbot.
  • n. See Eelpout.

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  • n. The conger-eel or lamper-eel, Zoarces anguillaris, of North America. See lamper-eel.
  • n. A local English name of the eel-mother or viviparous blenny, Zoarces viviparus.
  • n. A local English name of the burbot, Lota vulgaris.

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  • n. elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth
  • n. marine eellike mostly bottom-dwelling fishes of northern seas


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Old English ǣlepūte (eel + pout).


  • Rough Fish burbot eel eelpout festival lake lawyer leech ling minnesota

    Trash-Fish Bash: Photos from Minnesota's Eel Pout Festival

  • There's some hardwater folks that swear eelpout taste like lobster.

    Ever Eat A Snakehead?

  • Skarlis, for example, colors his jig purple where the forage is sheepshead or bluegill, green for sunfish, orange and yellow for perch, and black or brown for bullhead or eelpout.

    A Walleye Pro's Tricks for Customizing Soft-Plastic Grubs

  • This month entering its 25th year, the festival celebrates a fish of many names -- burbot, eelpout, pout, ling -- a freshwater cod that breeds beneath the ice and feeds most willingly after dark.

    The Craziest Ice Fishing Tournament in the United States

  • We show in the eelpout, Zoarces viviparus, a bioindicator fish species for environmental monitoring from North and Baltic Seas Helcom, that thermally limited oxygen delivery closely matches environmental temperatures beyond which growth performance and abundance decrease.

    Unthreaded « Climate Audit

  • The dogfish can be either and eelpout/burbot a freshwater cod or a bowfin. HACKMATACK.

  • At seventy feet, an eelpout swam through the light, winding its body in the direction of the Apostles.


  • So as the sun dropped and the temperature plummeted and the sensible people among us huddled around the fire eating frozen balls of butter and sugar (the musher's answer to energy bars), Wade trudged onto the ice with eelpout on his mind.

    Mushing, Eelpout, and Butterballs

  • The eelpout-burbot, lawyer, ling, or freshwater cod-is a voracious, deep-dwelling fish that looks like an eel on a serious course of steroids.

    Mushing, Eelpout, and Butterballs

  • Despite the nice lake trout of the first day and a respectable lot of walleyes and small lakers this afternoon, Wade was determined to catch an eelpout.

    Mushing, Eelpout, and Butterballs


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