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  • noun The physics of electricity and magnetism.
  • noun An interaction between electricity and magnetism, as when an electric current or a changing electric field generates a magnetic field, or when a changing magnetic field generates an electric field.

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  • noun A unified fundamental force that combines the aspects of electricity and magnetism and is one of the four fundamental forces. (technically it can be unified with weak nuclear to form electroweak) Its gauge boson is the photon.
  • noun Electricity and magnetism, collectively, as a field of study.


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electro- +‎ magnetism


  • The majority also relies on O'Reilly v. Morse, citing the Court's rejection of Morse's Claim 8 for "the use of the motive power of the electro or galvanic current, which I call electromagnetism, however developed, for making or printing intelligible characters, signs or letters at any distances ...."


  • The physics of electromagnetism is the result of rigorous experimentation.

    Matthew Yglesias » Downward Spiral

  • A natural idea now was to search for a mechanism like the one in electromagnetism to mediate the strong force.


  • Since there were only two basic forces known in the beginning of the 20th century, gravitation and electromagnetism, and it was seen that electromagnetism is responsible for the forces in the atom, it was natural to believe that it was also responsible for the forces keeping the nucleus together.


  • We normally say that electromagnetism is an abelian gauge theory, after the

    Press Release: The 1999 Nobel Prize in Physics

  • Partly through the work of Davey, Faraday, Orsted, Volta and Ampere in electromagnetism, and the scientific and industrial revolutions which surrounded it, the world has restructured itself from a mainly agrarian society as late as 1800, through an industrial society during the century and a half that followed, to a knowledge-based society today.

    Canada 2000—Symptoms of Success

  • You honestly do believe that astronomers and physicists hate the idea of electromagnetism in space, don't you?

    Eta Carinae- A Naked Eye Enigma | Universe Today

  • One could deduce from this that optics would become a branch of the science called electromagnetism and thus lose its status as an autonomous science.


  • Oops someone used the dirty word again: "electromagnetism "

    Eta Carinae- A Naked Eye Enigma | Universe Today

  • Initially, the responses were hostile to any mention of "electromagnetism" in space, even near-space here in the solar system.

    Eta Carinae- A Naked Eye Enigma | Universe Today


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