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  • n. An abbreviation of elementary.


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  • P. new (x_, y_, k_) local self = {x = x_, y = y_, k = k_} return self end function self. (elem_, type_) local self = {elem = elem_, type = type_} return self end -- 差分構築 function self. compose () offset = self.

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  • Three of the elementary English teachers can't produce college degrees (we have 6 English teachers in elem).

    Mexican Education System

  • OnNodeDragAndDropStartScript = the js function to handle start drag drop: parameter must be "elem" functiondndStartHandler (elem) {document. getElementById (

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  • I added a new client side event after drag and drop. to use: parameter must be "elem" function dndHandler (elem) {document. getElementById (

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  • I am going to be creating and posting English lessons on a Hidalgo elem. school website for students as they are having to do work at home still.

    Have the economy and swine flu affected you?

  • Still, elem. kids are my favorite in Mexico ... while adults are my fav in USA.

    Working in Guadalajara- input please!

  • With kids of mine in jr. high, elem. school, and the church nursery, it's about guaranteed my family will get H1N1 -- my one hope is that the vaccine will come out before we get it.

    End: Nigh

  • My kids speak both English and Spanish, studied in both countries (Mine are still in elem. school) and have family in both countries.

    Going to a Mexican University?

  • This position requires a K-6 elem.ed. certification and two …

    Daily Literacy Jobs – 234th Edition « Jobs « Literacy News

  • Elem. school kids ask questions just like that (I used to teach elem. kids years ago) and Mrs. Obama replied in a way that was neither threatening nor encouraging to the girl. "prestonwilliams asked," So the Mother is teaching the little girl that is OK to be a criminal and thief which of course is what she'll pass onto her kids.

    Immigration reform and the second grader


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  • Made of elm; (similar to oaken). Edward Slow's Glossary of Wiltshire Words, Used by the Peasantry in the Neighborhood of Salisbury, c.1900

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