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  • Same as before, it was just a matter of one mouse-click: like pulling a trigger on a gun, the end result seemed massively disproportionate to the action.

    Boiling a Frog

  • Breathing, stance, concentration, stamina, all of these things and more could affect the end result of a dementia caster's work.

    Chainer's Torment

  • To seek out Cardinal de Bricassart, and show him the end result of his prayers.

    The Thorn Birds

  • I, who had lost Riccio and Darnley to violent murder, could not stomach the thought Murder was dreadful, whether by poison, bullets, knives, or blows even if the end result was not undesirable.

    Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles

  • The end result is a vicious spiral of dwindling profit margins, fragmented markets, and still more competition for ever-scarcer customers.


  • Unbeknownst to Lakers fans, over the course of two-and-a-half decades, the end result of this series proved to be the least heartbreaking result.

    One Season

  • It screamed like one, but it looked like the end result of a love affair between a man and a widemouthed bass, a shiny, wriggling thing with muddy eyes on either side of its head.

    Slice Of Cherry

  • The politics of convenience and end result ... the politics on which the Cordonale seemed to run these days.


  • Wanting the whole staff to be a shining example of the very best Yankee Stadium offered to ownership, CEOs, entertainers and hard-working season-ticket holders, the end result was a finely tuned two-tiered, dining extravaganza that made for an evening of comfort watching what Yankees faithfuls hoped would be the best team in baseball.

    One Season

  • The end result … was that we learned that the Grigari had known exactly what we had planned and had prepared a perfect series of countermoves against us.



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