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  • n. One who advocates for the protection of the biosphere from misuse from human activity through such measures as ecosystem protection, waste reduction and pollution prevention

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  • n. someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution


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  • "The people at the parks board who had a vision of this way back in the '60s were kind of visionaries, and they were really environmentalists before the term environmentalist was ever used, before it became popular," Coupar told the

    The Georgia Straight - News And Views

  • My concern, as an environmentalist, is what, if anything, have you heard about Wyoming's ability to deal with - or their - and their track record to deal with something like this compared to Arizona's?

    'Yellow Dirt': The Legacy of Navajo Uranium Mines

  • Vance Holcomb, a billionaire rogue environmentalist, is trying to protect the lurking creatures, while the Berg Brothers, a Disney-style entertainment conglomerate, crave the land as residential real estate.

    Swallowing the Earth » Manga Worth Reading

  • Even if your focus as an environmentalist is on something besides a place – say an animal or something more generalized, such as global warming – I think that the sort of sensitivity, love, and connection that underlie your efforts can be tied closely to your experiences at some sacred place.

    Sensory Flashbacks, Sacred Places, and Environmentalism

  • We can bicker over the semantics of the word environmentalist until we're all green in the face, and alienate our fellow do-gooders by telling them they're not do-gooding enough, but the fact remains that we're not going to accomplish any lasting change by doing either.

    Jennifer Grayson: Eco Etiquette: Can You Be An Environmentalist Without Being Vegetarian?

  • Silverstone, a well-known animal rights activists and environmentalist, is shown swimming in a pool naked and talking about the beauty of a vegetarian lifestyle.

    Archive 2007-09-16

  • The head radical environmentalist is one Nick Drake, who, outraged the funding for his group is going to be cut (because their "science" has been debunked), decides to murder his "enemies," all the while trying to whip up some public hysteria about global warming.

    The Sudden Curve:

  • In the future, I will add one more post to this topic, which will address the one obvious solution no environmentalist is discussing.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Libertarianism, the Environment, and Kyoto: Part 2

  • THE word environmentalist usually conjures images of down-at-heel campaigners in tie-dyed T-shirts who eat only organic muesli.

    WN.com - Business News

  • After the deal he shed his suit, preferring the tag environmentalist: 'I like the business of environmentalism.

    The Guardian World News


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